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The vintage Handbag

This is the gorgeous handbag I purchased a few days ago at a little vintage shop in the centre of Leeds. This is the style of handbag I have been looking for everywhere, one which is petite and has stunning brass framings along the edge,  with a little 1950’s shape to it. I have come across a few replicates in the last couple of months from the likes of Primark and top shop, but nothing matched up to something which has been passed on from the delicate and demure 50’s, almost reliving that era of fashion. I feel like I would be cheating fashion and vintage if I bought a fake look alike. I was so lucky to find this £10 bargain, It does hold a few imperfections to it though, having scratches and marks on the metal panels, but to me this just proves to people that it really is vintage, The musky almost dirty smell on the inside of the bag almost certainly proves this.  I feel like this style of handbag, one which can sit comfortably and cutely on the arm, or a high riser on the shoulder, will take over from the much loved tote bag. Its simplicity and history are something which blows all the other styles out the water. If any style of bag is worth being hunted down this A/W it’s the vintage style.

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