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Charity shop haul and ramble :)

Just thought I’d update my blog as I haven’t been on here in a while, due to revising and writing essays for Uni. So I recently went to my boyfriends for a couple of days after Christmas, who currently lives in Uni halls in Leamington-spa. For those of you who don’t know where Leamington is, it’s situated in the west midlands, near Birmingham and Coventry, and in my opinion it is the equivalent of Chelsea in London. I didn’t even know a ‘Leamington-spa’ existed till I first visited, back in September, however I now go every weekend to see my boyfriend and I love it there, it’s so clean cut and modern, and I love the town houses which are gorgeous and all painted the same; white with the black spiked gates. It’s so ‘made in Chelsea’ I could just visualise Caggie and Milly strolling down the street on their way to some fancy bar. And Best of all, the charity shops in Leamington are on top form! I think I counted at least 6 when I last went, maybe more! Anyway I’m ever so slowly getting to my point of why I wrote on here, In my recent trip I had a stroll around the town and thought I’d check out ‘save the cats’ charity shop… probably not my most favourable charity to give too but hey ho, anyway I came across these beautiful suede and leather (real leather) brogues with a gold metal horse detail and fringing on the front. Now I’ve been wanting brogues for a long while, but never found any that I could justify buying as they all looked the same to me, however these beauties were too good to be true, and they looked expensive, very expensive. And guess what they were a size 5! Whoopee, however the price was another matter, I swear charity shops use to be cheap? I am mistaken, the price of the shoes were 20 quid. I couldn’t really justify buying shoes that were 20 quid, and which had been worn before, probably by some old wannabe fashionista. But I tried my luck for a sneaky haggle and eventually got them for a 10ner, which I didn’t feel so bad about. So these are my new favourite flat type shoes, they look so expensive and so different to anything else I’ve seen. I also happened to come across a scarf in the shop which was only 1.50! It’s the type of scarf that’s in fashion at the moment, or coming back into fashion. It’s one of those original scarfs with the tassels on the end and a soft feel, rather than those big knitted ones you get at Primark. With a Scottish like striped ( I thought it was tartan at first) pattern of a dark blue and green I couldn’t resist, it’s very boyish, but I love that style at the moment, and I always think scarves make and outfit! It just looks so good thrown on with some jeans a simple top and my brogues, and for 1.50 you can go wrong! Its and finally…my mulberry… hmmm :)

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