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Rihanna leaves her bra at home, along with her dignity

When we thought Rihanna’s outrageous outfits couldn’t get anymore…well… outrageous, we find a photo of her in a mesh see-through top, with no bra. Well you can imagine the level of disaster we’re on about, she could have at least taken the time to throw on some kind of cover-up, or if that’s not alternative enough maybe a re-designed bin bag would have done the trick.

But this is Rihanna, we have to accept the fact she’s fabulous, and wants to brave the streets looking like a local prostitute, but that’s fine because she has thousands of fans whom adore her, and think she would look smoking’ hot in a banana suit.

But what would happen if I were to walk out my house without a bra, I would get mauled, not by dogs, worse, by the public. I would not only be a laughing stock, I’d probably be locked away, and so why it is Rihanna gets away with murder?

 I am not Hating on the girl, I honestly think most of the time she looks mind blowingly ( if that’s even a word)  stunning, as any normal person would, but sometimes we have to just have to come back down to reality, and realise that Chilly nipples are not a good look for any diva.

So just today, please Rihanna, put a shirt on!
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