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Boots Botanics Review

I really do not need any more skincare products, if you saw the amount of cleansers exfoliators and random moisturisers I have stashed in my draws you would also agree, however I believe that taking care of your skin is the key to a healthy and clear complexion, and with all these new brands and products flying around I just cant help myself once I catch my eye on something new. This week it was the boots botanics range, I have never actually tried any of this skincare line, I know that it has been raved about by many beauty experts and gurus, however I have also heard that the packaging and formulas have changed which caused some uproar, so after all the controversy on the range I decided to give it a go and see what the fuss was about.

I bought the Botanics all brightening face purifying scrub, this immediately caught my eye because the word 'exfoliator' was nowhere to be seen, and the words 'all bright' and 'buff' somehow grabbed my attention. This is a very effective product, it has many qualities and good affects for your skin, The product uses refined walnut shell (random) to buff away dead skin cells whilst also using crushed apricot seeds to gentry sweep away impurities, so you cant argue that this product is not organic! The consistency is slightly less thicker than normal scrubs and doesn’t use harsh beads which irritate the skin, after the first use it left me with a shiny new layer which felt and looked refreshed, its almost doubles up as a cleanser as it leaves me skin looking clean and makeup free, this cost me just £2.49 which is ridiculous as its such a great product, I would purchase this again once i run out!

I also invested in the radiant youth serum, at £7.99 it’s slightly more expensive than other products from the range, you only really need a small amount, so if you are frugal with it should last you. I have never owned a serum before, but have heard many reviews on the stuff that it has become a Holy Grail product for other beauty gurus. It claims to 'boost luminosity in two weeks' and also uses many organic and feel good ingredients within the product. Like any other serum  it is used as a step in-between toning and moisturising, it has a slightly thin consistency and absorbs fairy quickly. I tend to use it just at night so it absorbs whilst I sleep, however you can use it morning and night if you fancy. 

I work it into the skin paying more attention to the eye area, It claims that it works on wrinkles whilst brightening your face, because I am only young I haven’t noticed an affect with the wrinkles, however I have noticed that it does leave my complexion brighter, when I wake up my face has a natural glow to it, So I would recommend this product if you want a brighter healthier complexion, however if you wanted to try any other serums that cater more towards wrinkles then I'd have a scan around as their are many more serums on the market which cater to older skin.


Gemma Talbot said...

Sounds great. I have been looking for something similar that isn't too harsh on my skin. xx

HeartsAndCrosses said...

Great review!


Natasha Gregson said...

I like that it isn't too harsh on skin-I definetely need to invest in a serum after this harsh winter :)


Samuel Morris said...

I love products with natural botanical ingredients so I must try this out! The radant youth serum sounds amazing!

Emily Crosby said...

I've been really enjoying reading your blog!
It's really interesting :)

Sorry if you've done it already but I've chosen to nominate you for the Liebster award
The rules and stuff are on my blog :) It's quite fun!

Emily xxxxxx

Helen Kathleen said...

thankyou :)

Helen Kathleen said...

thanks xx

Helen Kathleen said...

thankyou xx

Helen Kathleen said...


Helen Kathleen said...

thankyou so much! xxx

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