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Sunday, 13 January 2013

In the past I have used Clinique’s skincare products religiously, their most famous is the 3 step cleanse tone and moisturise, Which works effectively and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, I will probably do a review on their skincare in the future when I decide to re-purchase their products, however this review is not on their skincare, its about their makeup range, with countless beauty awards and positive reviews they are doing everything right in that skincare department, however I thought I would try something a bit different, something that I haven’t read much on other beauty blogs.

Just as a disclaimer before I begin; half of these products do not belong to me, they are my mums, however she share’s most of her makeup products with me, so I thought I'd go the whole way and do a full on review of all of them. I own the mascara and the concealer if you wanted to know.

Anyway, these five products I would say are the main ingredients of every girls makeup bag; blusher, highlighter, mascara, foundation and concealer. I have mixed reviews about all of these products, some good and some not so good, I also think because these makeup products are high end and very expensive you need to think carefully if you are willing to invest in any products. From my own experiences from wearing the makeup, I would say most of it was aged at maybe older makeup tastes, I would also say that these products can come out very matte, and if you, like myself, like a healthy looking glowing and dewy skin finish maybe some of these products wouldn’t work for you, anyway, enough jibber jabber, lets get started!

Clinique’s 'Fresh Bloom all over colour' £26.00

This little gem is something that my mum has recently purchased; it is a double act, in that it can be used as a blusher, highlighter and all over powder. The packaging is divine, with the flower outline on the actual product, the lighter shade is the highlight, and the darker is the blush colour. Both powders are very pigmented; in the picture below I only used one quick dab to demonstrate. This powder can be used almost anywhere, however I like to dab a bit of the highlight on my brow bone, then I use any blush/bronzing brush to sweep the colour onto my apples, and then again with the highlight on to the areas that need it on my face, like down the T zone, and up to the temples from the cheeks.

This product is great if can afford the hefty price tag, as there are many cheap alternatives, and for such a small product you would have to think carefully about whether you would use it in a week! I do like this product and think it does its job, however in comparison to other highlighters and blush duos from high end as well as some drugstore I don’t think this has anything special over them. The highlight is also quite matte, it  leaves a glow but not a dewy gleam, so for this its defiantly not my 'go to' highlight, however the packaging and overall look of the product is beautiful.

Clinique’s High Impact Curling Mascara, £16.00 

I have mixed reviews on this mascara, however mainly positive. Firstly the packaging is practical and elegant, and the wand plays a huge part within the product. The mascara is in black and is very thick and pigmented. The main positives of this product is that is its very 'high impact' as on the first use your lashes are instantly curled and lengthened, you do not need an awful lot of this as it can become gloopy and clumpy, however it does give an excellent curl to your lashes, making them look thicker and stronger. It especially works well with the bottom lashes, again though you do not need lots of this, just need to work with it so it curls your lashes without making them look too clumpy. Overall a good product, probably worth its price tag as it does do its job and does it well, I also like the effect it has from a distance, as your eyes look alot more smouldering and they have the 'wow-factor'.

Clinique’s blushing blush powder blush in 'smoldering Plum', £21.00

This powder is my mum's, as I would never pick out this colour. It is bold and a deep reddy plum colour and I just would never pick this shade if I were to buy it, if you have a look at the website they do other amazing shades fit for younger girls, as this shade just doesn’t complement my skin tone. 

However aside from that hiccup, this blush blends well, and the packaging is spot on, there is a good amount of product, however I feel that the space for the (in my opinion, useless) brush should be replaced with some more product! This product has a great sheen to it, and does work well with paler skin tones, however not something I would buy myself.  I do think this is based on age, as many older women are seen wearing darker blushes and so this is perfect for an older woman, and my mum!

 Clinique’s superbalenced makeup, £21.50

This foundation really works well in terms of good coverage; it hid all my blemishes and blends in well just using the fingers. The consistency is not as thick as other foundations and does come out fairly runny, this does not work well with the packaging as trying to get a small amount out never happens as you cant tell when its near the top (annoying) however the shade fit my skin tone exactly, although I tend to go for darker foundations as I like the tanned look.

The idea of this foundation is that it suits your skin tone and doesn’t look too fake and streaky, I can honestly say it really does work in terms of looking very natural on the skin, and working with your bad areas. The only downside to this product is it is quite matte.  As you can tell from the images of me wearing this below, I look a lot paler and my skin looks a lot less glowing, which I actually hate! Its nothing against this product, I reckon if i pared it with some cream highlighter it would sort of tone the matte-ness down, however on its own with powder really doesn’t suit me.

Aside from that, this foundation would be great for the more oily skin tones, and I recommend it if you want great, full converge without feeling smothered or coated in the stuff.

 Clinique’s airbrush concealer, £17.00

This product is my own, and I LOVE it, firstly the packaging is so neat and handy, you just twist the end and the product comes through the brush, which is also great for applying the it. I use it on any blemishes I have, as well as under the eye area. It has light-reflecting particles in it too, and acts as a highlighter as well as a concealer, which is great. I also like it for working with contouring, as you can see in the image above, I apply it in  'Kim kardashians' way, first applying a great deal of it in a triangle under the eye, again down the nose and on the cupids bow. This not only conceals but also highlights the parts of your face that needs to be highlighted.

This product is a lot like collection 2000's lasting perfection, which I also love! However this product is 100% better than that concealer, and that’s saying something! This has the edge over that product as the consistency is less thick and unbalanced looking, and this really does rub into the skin well without looking fake and patchy, it also gives a great finish over and under foundation.

Here are a few shots of me wearing only this makeup, I wouldn’t usually use it all together as I’m not sure I like the outcome haha, but this is just for demonstration purposes, so you can see the product on the face.

BethanyPaige said...

I've always considered buying Clinique makeup but never really known whether it's worth it. Thanks for the advice! The concealer sounds amazing!

Bethany Paige ( X

BeautyTricks1 said...

Hi lovely,

Great review, I'm not a Clinique fan but nonetheless, great in-depth review.

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No problem, thanks guys :D xxxx

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this is really useful because it shows what the products actually do ! Following you!
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Helen Kathleen said...

thankyou :) xx

Helen Kathleen said...

thankyou lovely!! xx

Helen Kathleen said...

thanks :) xxxx

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