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Monday, 14 January 2013

Not many people will have heard of the Dr.Hauschka skincare range, its not one that is hyped much from other beauty bloggers. The range is only really available online or at certain stores such as Williams & Griffins, House of Fraser etc., the brand is very high end, and pretty exclusive. The idea of the brand is that its based on natural ingredients and a certain 'one off' spa feel, it has a lot in common with Liz Earle products in a way, however much more expensive. The website oozes luxury and relaxation with their oils, creams and treatments to suit all ages and all skin types.

The brand has also won many beauty awards and is also highly acclaimed by beauty professionals and skincare experts. A family member recently purchased some products from the range, and was given a free sample of two facemasks, a moisturizing and a rejuvenating sample, which she kindly gave to me.

Both face masks work in the same way as any other mask, you smooth the product over the face and wait about 10-15 minutes before rubbing off. These masks however differ to that of clay masks as they are a very thin and have a creamy consistency, the product is a lot like the Liz Earle cleanse and polish cream, and has the same after affect when smothered on the face, quite clear and a thin base. 

Both products are not drying at all and don't leave your skin feeling tight, which is a luxury in its self, and after 15 minutes the colour changes to a clear and shiny formula, and looks as if you just have a very strong sweat on. Both masks do a fabulous job at creating a new lease of life for your skin, and my face felt so soft and supple afterwards. The moisturising one left a lovely glow to my skin, and a pleasure to touch as it felt so soft. The rejuvenating worked in a similar way, however I noticed that it seemed to clean much deeper into the skin, and had a stronger tingle to it, both products work just as well as each other, so I wouldn’t be able to choose a favourite!

I wouldn’t say they were 'pore cleansing' masks as your pores don't look too much different from before, where as a face stream or a heated mask would probably work on this problem more. However your skin does feel a hell of a lot better and looks fresh and dewy, I honestly highly recommend investing in these products, especially if you have already tried origins and other high-end facial masks.

The moisturising mask is a whopping £37.00 and the rejuvenating, £35.00, so hardly cheap, however this is for a full size product, and overall I believe they are highly worth the price for a entirely new experience when it comes to face masks.

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