Eco Tools: Bronzer brush review

Sunday, 13 January 2013

This was my first purchase of any of the eco tools brush line, I brought it from Boots for £10.00, quite a steep price considering you can get the real techniques brush set for £21.00, however after reading reviews on the brand of brushes, I wanted to give them ago. I decided to purchase the bronzer brush as I thought this is quite a general and important brush to have in your collection, and works well when blending as well as applying blush. I immediately liked the look of the brush, very woody, and organic looking, it has a thick width and really works well in blending bronzer out onto the face, The bristles are incredibly soft and do not harass the skin in any way.

I applied my ‘cheek duo’ blush/bronze (seen in a previous blog post) blusher with this brush and I feel that it deserves credit for the finish of that look, as it really does create a smooth and unlined blend between bronzer and foundation. Compared to many other high-end brushes I would say this is defiantly worth a buy, and works just as well as real techniques and M.A.C. The price is a little high, but it is worth it if you fancy investing in a long life and utterly soft Brush.

Steph Lau said...

I have an eco-tools brush set and I agree with you... They're wonderfully soft! :) xx fun size beauty

Helen Kathleen said...

I know, I love mine, may have to buy the whole set! xxxx :)

Emily Crosby said...

I've just bought this today and just seen your review so i'm really looking forward to trying it now :) xxxx

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