Kate's Vampy Lippy

Thursday, 10 January 2013

I am not usually partial to a dark lip, I find it takes me a lot of courage to go out in darker shades and to be honest I just cant deal with the hassle of applying a dark lip when I’m on the go, however with the many vampy lipsticks on trend at the moment I couldn’t resist hopping on the bandwagon and giving the darker shades a go. I have wanted to try Kate Moss's new lipstick range for Rimmel for a while now, and so thought i'd to kill two birds with one stone and try out her vampy shade. 

The colour is very dark, It has a deep purple sheen to it, rather than the brighter purple and reddy lipsticks on the market, however I quite like the dark purple undertone finish, it doesn’t make the colour look to purply and tacky.

The finish looks very fresh and not too matte, it feels very luxurious on the lips and it glides on very nicely. However I naturally have dry lips and I found after a few minutes it felt slightly drying and the outline of the lipstick went a bit liney, however it really does depend on your lip type, I have quite small lips and so I have to use lip balm most days, as well as over the top and under lipstick.

There are many other colours within Kate’s new line, a few nudes and some corals, as well as the vampy colours. This lipstick doesn’t seem to have a colour name, which seems a shame as it almost deters from the impact of the product, however overall I found the finish very pretty and fresh, and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a second lipstick from Kates line.

                                                            This lipstick cost £5.49

Makeup worn in pictures: Rimmel's lasting finish-soft beige, Clinique mascara, Rimmel black eyeliner, Top shops duo Blush
BlueVoiletHearts said...

I also have the colour, it looks gorgeous on you :)

Helen Kathleen said...

Thankyou :) xx

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