Make your Starbucks Favourite at Home

Monday, 7 January 2013

It’s defiantly no secret that I am a huge coffee lover, however after drinking copious amounts of your average Latte, I wanted to try something different with a more exciting and enjoyable taste.

I first discovered the delights of coffee syrups in my first year of university, when venturing out to various coffee shops including the main favourites Starbucks and Costa. The smooth delicate taste of a Latte with a pump of syrup was delectable, and since that day I have never yet purchased an ordinary coffee.

With Starbucks offering the festive favourites including the famous ginger bread latte and the sweet and sumptuous toffee nut, as well as other types of syrup including caramel, hazelnut and almond, you are spoilt for choice and deciding on a flavour really is quite a challenge when at the counter.

After spending quite a lot of my time (and money) in Starbucks I decided to have a go at creating my own, and in the comfort of my own home. I was bought the festive 'toffee nut' syrup for christmas, at the very affordable price of £5.99 it has been greatly worth it, I can now enjoy the pleasures of a flavoured latte in my own living room and without paying the high price.
Michaela Rebecca said...

LOVE the toffee nut!!

Helen Kathleen said...

haha same! its defo my fave, that and the gingerbread xx

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