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Thursday, 10 January 2013

MUA is without a doubt one of the most fabulous and affordable makeup ranges in any drugstore, after hitting the high streets a few years back, it has had beauty gurus speechless with the amazing product results for peanuts. Many of the products do not exceed the price tag of £4.00, which is incredible, and every product more ore less does what it says on the tin, and in a surprisingly impressive way.

Whilst having a mooch around Superdrug recently I though I’d take a peek at the MUA makeup stand, and to my surprise I noticed that there were new products on show, to my delight they had brought out an eyebrow kit, which I actually found very professional and similar to that of HD brows and Benefits Brow set, it has the look of a high end product and the finish of one too.

 The Quad comes with three different brow shades, a dark brown, a lighter browny beigy colour and a very light almost highlighter beige. It also comes with a separate clear brow highlighter, which is amazing quality and gives a real gleam to the brow bone and enhances the brow colour.
The product also comes with mini eyebrow tweezers and a brow colour applicator, which is very handy and effective when used.

This product is priced at just £3.50, and in all honesty could give some high-end brow kits a run for their money, the colours are highly pigmented, the packaging is agile and useful and the applying kit is also a great bonus to the set.

I then found their new concealer pallet, which consists of three shades for various areas on the face, again a brilliant and pigmented product. The shades match that of my skin tone and actually give a good and satisfying coverage which is pretty impressive. The substance is quite hard to blend in as the consistency is quite thick and so you would need to really work it into the skin as to not get any lines or patchy areas.

Overall a brilliant concealer palette if you want something with more than one concealer colour. This product is priced at £2.00

And finally I bought two of the eye brow pencils, at just £1.00 a pop I could easily afford the two shades, and will use these along side the eye brow kit. The pencils also come with a brow groomer which is handy and a great asset to the product. The pencils are highly pigmented so you would have to use them lightly on the brow.

Emma George said...

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Love your blog, I'm a new follower! Im a self-taught makeup artist and have a beauty blog and would love it if you checked it out! I post looks I have created and how to do them, product reviews etc and will be soon starting YouTube, appreciated! Please follow if you like

Lots of Love Sanna xxx

Helen Kathleen said...

Thankyou :) followed. xxx

Beauty And The Grace said...

MUA reminds me a bit like elf, its so affordable and they offer things that are different too. I like that they put some mini tweezers in too, they're so cute.

Grace x

Claudia C. said...

What cute products :)

Helen Kathleen said...

Yeah the set is such a great buy! defo recommend getting it! thanks guys :)


Emily Crosby said...

I love the dark eyebrow pencil, it's really soft and deeply coloured :) AMAZERS for £1! xxxxxxx

Natalia said...

MUA is one of my favourites. x

Helen Kathleen said...

same! xx

Helen Kathleen said...

yeah haha same! its a bit dark for my eyebrows but nice to have in my collection haha! xxx

Helen Kathleen said...

yeah it is a great purchase! xxx

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