No7 Beautiful Skin, Cleansing Balm

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Boots are currently giving out their popular No7 money off vouchers and I honestly love it when that this time comes around, I literally end up building up a collection of the tokens, and usually end up missing the deadline, which is slightly annoying as the No7 collection is pretty impressive and affordable at the same time. Anyway, on a recent trip to Boots to purchase some bits and bobs I picked up a voucher and thought sod it, I may as well just have a look now before I forget to come again.

 I had a good scout of the skincare range, as I tend to use my voucher on the skincare rather than the makeup (as you get a fiver of skincare but only £3 off makeup). I was tempted to go for the hot cloth cleanser as I’m interested to find out what its like in comparison to the Liz Earle, and at £10.00 its near enough the same price, but them I thought, why waste money on something I already have, especially as I currently have two tubes of the stuff. Anyway I decided instead to spend my voucher on this 'cleansing Balm' it caught my eye because I have never tested out a cleansing 'balm' before and thought I may as well give it a shot, it is priced at £9.00, but with my voucher I only spent £4.00 on the stuff.

The blurb reads that it is for very dry skin, which is funny as mine is the complete opposite and I can be rarely found with matt dry skin, however this made me think it would be even more moisturizing and even better for my skin, especially over night. The directions read that you smooth it over the skin whilst slowly rubbing it into your skin, and then wipe it off. Now this does sound slightly similar to the Liz Earle directions, however this is only a cleanser and so wouldn’t be as strong or harsh on your skin, you can wipe the product off with anything Id say, a flannel, a muslin cloth or a cotton pad! Which is what I do when I’m feeling a bit lazy, I then go over with a toner to take any residue off. 

Anyway the actual product seems anything but a 'balm', as it came out in a creamy consistency and to me a balm would be like a kind of lip balm or face balm consistency, slightly more greasy and clear? Am I wrong? Anyway the product feels very luxurious on the skin, and you can tell it moisturizes very deep down into the pores and gives your skin the equivalent of water to a plant. When I wipe it off my skin isn’t left with too much of a sticky residue, and you can wash your face, but I wouldn't say its imperative and a cotton pad would suffice, anyway afterwards my skin felt so smooth and looked so much healthier, it had a subtle glow to it, and was a lot plumper.

Overall I think this is a great product if you fancy a change from other cleansers, I use this every so often in conjunction with my hot cloth cleanser, at £9.00 its slightly affordable, however I would advise using a voucher as your only spending a fraction of the price which makes the product even more worth it, the range is only available at Boots and online.
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