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Sleek Blush by 3 in 'Flame'

This set is priced at £10.00 

I have never tried any of the sleek blushes before, I find their contour kit the holy grail of makeup, however I've never felt drawn to any of their other cheek products, that is however, until they introduced their 'blush by 3' blush set. I have tried and tested the trio in the shade 'Flame' and I can see why they've named it this... these are pretty daring colours and not for the faint hearted, with a deep red shimmer shade, a hot Barbie pink, and a very bright orange toned shade they are some what a risk for any blush fanatic.

Overall I really like this set, however be careful, I find that you only need a very little amount on your brush to get a nice colour without looking too silly, so remember to tap all the excess off and just a tiny bit is needed to blend the colour well. My favorite shade is probably the orange, as I like peachy orange shade’s and I think they complement the skin tone well and bring a tanned and healthy glow to your skin. I would say that the red shade is one that I wont be using again, even with the smallest amount on I felt like it was just too much for my skin tone, and made me look like a china doll with red dots for cheeks. The finish of the product is quite matt but each shade has its own under cover shimmer, I think I would buy sleek blushes in the future, however maybe less daring shades...

picture one- orange shade (furthest to right)
picture two- pink shade ( middle colour)
picture three- red shade (left shade)

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