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The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skincare

Tea Tree Concealer, £7.00
Tea Tree blackhead Exfoliating wash, £3.25
Tea Tree Night Lotion, £9.00
I’m not usually one to enter the body shop for facial skincare products, I love their body creams and scrubs, however it usually stops at that, and I would never have found myself buying makeup from the brand. However about half a year ago I purchased this trio of products from the Tea tree range at the body shop, I think they were doing one of their offers, three for two or something, so of course I couldn’t resist.

The body shop is well known for its use of natural ingredients in all the products, you only have to walk into the shop and that herbal goodness smell over whelms you, they have many different lines of skin care to cater for various skin types, one of my favorites is the vitamin E range for their day moisturizer, however I decided to take the tea tree route, as I have used tea tree based products for years and I love the smell and finish they have on the skin.

The first product is the Tea tree black head exfoliating wash, now this would be a great teenage purchase, as tea tree is amazing for targeting spots, and because it works on removing black heads its something I would have jumped at aged 14+, the product instantly overwhelms you with the tea tree smell, the consistency is pretty thick, and it uses beads to get in to the nooks and crevices of your T zone. However one thing I found, for a blackhead clearing wash it was quite gentle, I felt like it fully cleansed and nourished my skin, however I felt the product wasn’t gritty enough to tackle deep down dirt, in comparison to clean and clears black head cleanser, which is a lot more gritty and effective, it just didn’t fit the bill for that purpose.

The second product was the tea tree blemish fade night lotion, this is little tub of goodness left my skin feeling silky smooth and much clearer looking the next morning. I just rub a small amount all over the face after I would moisturize, sleep on it then notice that my blemishes (spots, redness) looked slightly less harsh, and taken care of. A great product for trouble some skin, however I wouldn’t use this too often as the product was quite strong and felt like it worked deep into the skin.

Lastly the Tea tree concealer, this was a bit of a disappointment if I’m honest, and will teach me to not buy makeup from the tea tree range again, it claims that it is concealer that’s good for your skin, as it has tea tree extracts within it, however I just found that it left my skin looking dry and streaky, not really a great makeup product compared to other concealers.  I thought because it was from the tea tree collection it might be a surprise purchase and do my skin some good, however I was wrong and it just left me disappointed and patchy, the color was also too dark for my skin tone and just didn’t do anything in the way of 'concealing’.


Alexandra Thomas said...

love the post! definetly going to try the blackheaad stuff- since i have a few around my nose!
new follower!

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