Topshops Cheek Duo in 'Break of Day'

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Following on from my previous blog post, this is the second and final product I purchased from top shops makeup range. It is one of the Cheek Duos, which (correct me if I’m wrong) have only recently come out, I am aware that the blush's and highlighters have been part of the range for years, however I have never seen a blush and bronzer Duo. I decided to buy this products because A. I want to try and new bronzer, and B. I need a new blush, and so the only obvious thing was getting a combined contour and blush product. 

I have previously tried various drugstore versions of combined colors, and mosaics you would find form the likes of rimmel and collection 2000, however this one looked different and I really like the look of both the colors. I bought the shade or name 'break of day' there were other types, however the shades were very similar and this one appealed to me the most.

The product is quite pigmented, however it is obviously a buildable blush/bronzer as when I swatched it I had to rub a few times for a good colour, however this seems like a positive as it makes the blush look a lot more natural on the cheekbones- which I like. The great thing about this duo is that you can use it just as a blush, a bronze or both. The blush I applied to my apples and the bronze I swept under my cheekbones and up towards my forehead for a contoured look.

This product cost £12.50, which may seem a pretty high price, however the product really works as a duo, and looks great for both day and Night.

Maddie.Elizabeth said...

The colour looks gorgeous on you, you look stunning xx

Helen Kathleen said...

Thank you lovely! xxxx

Hollie said...

That looks a lovely colour on your skintone. I've tried a couple of their blushers but not the duo's. Great post:)

Helen Kathleen said...

Thankyou! I want to try the blushers now!

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