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Winter Trend: Faux Fur Headbands

I absolutely adore this winter trend and am so happy that its become such a phenomenon this winter, move over bobble hats as these beauties keep your ears and head cosy whilst looking uber chic at the same time. I own two headbands a grey stripy one which is a bit thinner and smaller on the head which was £7.00 from TK max and a much thicker and wider light and dark shaded grey headband which was £10.00 from an independent boutique. 

I love both just as much as the other, however I find the (top picture) lighter grey one is a tad more wearable as its smaller and fits my head better, however if I’m feeling brave or its pretty chilly outside I go for my thicker boutique headband. I just think this head wear trend is one that will always be loved and worn so well by many fashionista’s, it adds a touch of class and style to any winter outfit and keeps your head just as cosy as any knitted hat would, a great purchase if your looking for something to keep your ears warm whilst looking fabulous this winter.


Hannah Briggs said...

love the headband! Tk-Maxx is always so good for little bits and bats:) followed your blog!
check out mine?:)


Helen Kathleen said...

Thankyou lovely! xxx

Clairebare said...

I really like the faux fur headband trend!
I've got a leopard print one, but I really like your grey one!
I love your blog! Followed!
Check out my blog sometime? :-)

Catherine S said...

I love these!! They're so stylish and keep your ears warm! :-) I have a full on fur one which covers the whole head in black fur which is like a Winter essential for me :-) Great post- following you now xx

Helen Kathleen said...

thankyou!! i will now! :) xxxx

Helen Kathleen said...

yesss love them! thank you! xxxx

Samuel Morris said...

The first lip colour is my favourite on you but they all look great! Love how luminous your skin is too!

nokhuthula nyoni said...

Love these headbands:) The second lip colour is beaut too.:)

Nee said...

you look so cute <3
all three lip colors look great on you, my fave is the last one xx

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