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Biore' Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

Lets be honest, we all have insecurities about the skin on our nose, it is prone to bacteria and if its not cleaned, scrubbed and polished on a regular basis our pores collect dirt and turn in to the nastiness that is blackheads. Yes that dreadful word that we all know and would do anything to banish, the nasty little buggers sit on our nose and never seem to budge. However there are a few things that cater to this problem, move over scrubs, exfoliators and cleansers as pore strips will tackle the problem in 15 minutes.

I have had a great relationship with nose pore strips since I was about 16, when I first discovered them I couldn’t believe my luck, the whole concept thrilled me, pulling out the crap from my nose sounded so exciting. I have tried various different kinds of brands of pore strips, including that witch and hazel brand in boots, Superdrug’s own and some other brand that is seen in various cheap stores. These cost me around £3.00 quid for a pack of about 6. 

The concept of the strip is that it wraps on your nose and after 10-15 minutes you slowly peel of the strip to reveal a clearer nose and a grimy strip- yum. I have always relished the peeling off stage and seeing all the dirt that has been taken away from your face. However I recently saw that beauty blogger Louise (sprinkleofglitter) purchased some biore' ones, and I wanted to give them ago, they are pretty pricey at £7.99 from boots however maybe these ones would be a bit deeper cleansing and work harder than the cheaper ones.

I tried my first one and left it on my nose for about 15 minutes, the smell of the strip had a slight tea tree and witch hazel smell, the strip fit round my nose very snug and stayed on the skin well without having any kind of air bubbles. When it came to pulling the strip off it was amazing, I slowly pulled from one side to the other, some people like to rip it off that can harm the skin and not be as effective. 

When I took the strip off it revealed a lot of grime and disgustingness on the paper, however this felt awesome, and when I took alook at my nose in the mirror it instantly looked a lot cleaner and clearer, however there were a few stragglers left behind, but no product will banish them forever, the strip takes out the top layer of grime leaving the deeper bacteria in your skin, and so using these strips on a regular basis (one 1-2 weeks) will hopefully give you clearer skin in no time. 


Emily said...

Arghhh you've just reminded me that I went to Boots intending to get some strips like this today and completely forgot! I really want some for my chin as well as my nose though, wonder if these would do the same job?! I get the same satisfaction from seeing all the grime you get out!! xxx

Rosie Roo said...

These sounds AMAZING - definitely going to give them a go! It's just too satisfying :)

Rosie xo

Bisma said...

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Sammie Foster said...

Lovely blog and such a nice layout, Always nice when i find bloggers in Leeds.
Now following on GFC, have a look at my blog (just started it, layout a bit of a mess at the moment)

Helen Kathleen said...

thankyou! i've changed it again now haha, im very indecisive with layout.

Helen Kathleen said...


Helen Kathleen said...

yes do, they are! XX

Helen Kathleen said...

haha get yourself down there! yes you can get chin and forehead ones too! keep your eyes peeled girl! xx

Chloe said...

i cant wait to buy these, i bet it's so satisfying haha! I'm from Leeds too :)

Helen Kathleen said...

haha they are great! ahh really? thats amazing haha! uni or hometown? xx

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