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Charles Worthington Frizz Free Ultimate Serum

When it comes to hair serums, sprays and mousse, I get kinda lazy, I wash and condition my hair however I’m not really one for hoarding tonnes of hair products, and tend to just leave it natural. Although if I had to pick one product which I probably use most often and find effective it would always be a serum. I would whole heartedly suggest hair serums over sprays and mousse as the texture and consistency is much finer and easy to apply, in my opinion serums leave a lovely understated finish on the hair, and a little always goes a long way as you never need a great deal.

 I picked up this Charles Worthington one from home bargains, for £3.99 (I think the normal retail price is £5.99) I have previously used john Frieda’s frizz ease but found that it didn’t do a lot for my hair and was a tad more expensive. I’ve heard various reviews on the CW hair collection and so thought i'd give it a whirl, It claims to banish frizz and leave your hair silky soft and smooth whilst leaving a non greasy finish, it also has a UV filter which became an instant bonus.

I actually really like this product, I have only been using it a few weeks, though already my hair looks a lot sleeker and doesn’t have to be tamed as much as usual. In comparison with the john Frieda I would say they pretty much have the same effect on my hair, as they are similar, however I do think this pips the john Frieda one slightly, perhaps not for others but for my hair its perfect, the price difference means that I would probably go for this one in the future as well.


Becki Vieira said...

I love this post, I have been umming and ahhing over this product for a while so I think I might give it a try :D

maybe you could check my blog out when you have a minute?

Catherine S said...

Great price and I love serums too. I feel like they tame the hair basically instantly and make the hair feel so much softer and in better condition x x

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