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Clarins Eclat du Jour (Daily Energizer lotion)

   Clarins Eclat du Jour (Daily Energizer Lotion) £21.00

My skincare routine at the moment consists of almost all Liz Earle products, I am a religious user of the cleanse tone and moisturize skincare system from her collection, and will probably never fully abort it, however my direction has slightly swayed towards the clarins counter over the past few weeks as one of their products has left my skin feeling super moisturized, protected, supple and hydrated all in one teeny little orange bottle.

The product is part of the 'young skin' line from clarins, the brand is usually renowned for their products catered to more mature skin, however they do have a (although fairly limited) skincare collection catering to younger skin. This is the daily lotion that I have been using as part of my face routine, you can use it in conjunction with the clarins cleansers and toners however I tend to use it on and off with Liz Earle as clarin’s aint’ all that cheap you know.

The consistency is fairly thin, however the great thing about it is that its so light on the skin and absorbs very quickly whilst leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturized, as well as acting as a great base as my makeup stayed put all day. It also has factor 15 which is an added bonus to protect young skin, the only downside would be that the size of the product is pretty poor, in life size it is a very small bottle and so using it sparingly must be considered if you want it to last you and to get your moneys worth.

Aside from that issue it is a great moisturizer and defiantly on par with the Liz earl one I love, notice that it is also called a lotion, which in my mind is similar to any cream moisturizer, however I think the concept is that it has a thinner consistency so does not leave the skin feeling too shiny and damp almost, which I see as a plus.



great review,new follower,
follow back, if you like :) andy

Christine B. said...

This sounds like it would be perfect for summer. Shame you don't get much product for your money. Clarins is a brand I really trust though so I'd like to try this.

Helen Kathleen said...

thanks x

Helen Kathleen said...

yes It would be a great summer purchase, I know when I saw it i thought 'blimey thats small!' haha yeah I do like clarins, probably on par with clinique.


Jade Culbert said...

Hey lovely, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog :) xx

Helen Kathleen said...

wow thankyou! xx

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