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A Little Drugstore Haul...

Today was one of those fulfilling, one off days when you use up around an hour of your time wandering aimlessly through the many aisles of a store whilst soaking up the sheer joy of all things skincare and makeup. Today it was boots and Superdrug, probably the top two shops for any product you would ever want or need, I absolutely loved it, it was like therapy, studying every brand in detail, looking out for new, raved about products, as well as items you may need as well as want. I especially value it when I know I don’t have to be anywhere and therefore can take as long as I like, its also much more effective for me if I’m alone as usually the person I’m with ends up bored, and probably rightly so as once I'm in i can assure you I wont leave for at least half an hour.

On todays spree I purchased all manner of things, a few bits I needed, hence the Garnier hand cream, crest toothpaste, baby wipes and body scrub, and then there are the things that I just wanted. You probably all know by now that I swear by my Liz Earle cleanse and polish and it currently sits as my primary cleanser, however on those early uni mornings I can simply never be bothered to go to the bathroom and go through the whole process of cleansing, so instead I opted for garniers simply essentials cleanser, a product that was cheap enough, and something I thought would do as on/off morning cleanser.

I then eagerly came upon the makeup brush aisle and to my delight I came across the real techniques buffing foundation brush, this has been out of stock for ages in my local drugstores and so of course I nabbed it right away, I have yet to try this but am very excited for the outcome when I do. Now I have been searching for a cream blush everywhere, and although I am dying to try and buy benefits 'fine one one' I just cant justify the price, and so in replacement I opted for this one from Revlon's photo ready collection, a product I have not really seen floating around the beauty community, so I am a little anxious, however When I swatched it i found it had a nice shimmer and rosy/nude tint so I decided to give it a whirl. 

And finally a lipstick in the colour 'I like' I purchased this from one of the lower end drugstore brands, a brand I hardly ever come face to face with, Miss sporty, yes I know this make is one which I will openly admit to using in my early teens, however these cheaper end of the scale brands are usually pretty good and worth the measly amount of money. I picked up the corally nude pink shade, which I tried on in the shop and thought it looked very natural and flattering on the lip.


Sally said...

The Revlon blush looks gorgeous, I'm also searching for a cream blush so please let me know how this gets on!!


Becki Vieira said...

That lipstick looks exactly like the kind of colour I am after! The real techniques brushes are amazing too! You have some really great buys here :D
I have a giveaway on at the minute to mark my 100 followers, maybe you could check it out, if you haven't already :D

Helen Kathleen said...

yes no problem I will review it as soon as i use it :D xx

Helen Kathleen said...

haha thanks :) love a good drugstore spree xx

Steph Lau said...

Your haul's not THAT little.. but it looks like you've got some great goodies :)

Camilla Monique said...

I love that lipstick colour.
I always buy baby wipes and put it inside my purse:)
Love the things that u got

Helen Kathleen said...

haha x

Helen Kathleen said...

yes it is lovely :) x

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