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Rimmels Scandal Eyes Mascara

 Rimmel's scandal eyes showoff mascara  £6.99

I’m a funny one with mascaras, I never like to stick to one type of product or brand, I much prefer to try a new one each time I run out, whether it be curling, volumising or de clumping... I find trying one I haven’t before gives a new and exciting experience, however that may change now I’ve tried, tested and fallen in love with Rimmel’s scandal eyes mascara. I picked it up on a whim, it was that exciting time when you begin to hunt for a few new products to add to your collection, I saw it and thought i'd give it ago. As per, the advert for the product sucked me in and I found myself in boots the very next day wanting that 'London look', I love this product because it has multiple uses, it hardly clumps, it volumises, thickens as well as lengthens and it just does what 3 other mascaras with different uses would do in one.

The brush is peculiar in that it has a little ball on the end which pulls out those tricky, hard to get to lashes that add to the final full on flutter, I have quite long lashes already and so never really bothered with the lengthing types of mascara but since using this my lashes literally touch my eyebrows, its a-mazing. I will defiantly be re purchasing this when I start to run out, the only teeny downside is that it does take a few applications to get that desired look, one sweep wont give you the end amazing result and you will have to work on each lash, but to be honest, its about the application just as much as it is the product, if you are a dab hand at getting every lash with the movement from your wrist and steady hand (ooh) you will no doubt get a fabulous end result.


terr davidson said...

your eyes look amazing x

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Helen Kathleen said...


Mai said...

Lovely eyes! ;)


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Adele Miner said...

This mascara looks great on you! the packaging is so cute! x

Helen Kathleen said...

thanks x

Helen Kathleen said...

thankyou xx

Helen Kathleen said...

thankyou! x

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