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The Donut Bun

It's always puzzled me how girls get their buns to look so big and full of volume, I knew it couldn’t just be their natural hair, and so when I found out about the donut scrunchy it all made sense and I instantly wanted to give it ago, and get that perfect bun look. I bought my donut from Primark for £1.00 you can probably get them from most hair shops and general stores, however I knew this one was cheap and cheerful and big enough for my hair. You can get smaller or larger ones depending on what size of a bun you want and the amount of hair you have, I thought because I have quite a lot of hair I may as well go all out and opt for a bigger donut.

You apply create the donut bun by firstly tying your hair up into a pony tail, as high or low as you like, I am a fan of messy buns and so I didn’t worry too much about neatness with this step, you then pull your hair through the donut so it takes its place over your hairband. You then start to pull your pony under the stretch of the donut, you can use bobby pins to secure the hair, however I found that the donut was tight enough for the hair to stay in place, if you have shorter or layered hair I would suggest some clips. When the bun is in place spritz with some hairspray and alter as you wish, and there you have it your very own undercover donut bun.


Emma George said...

Your hair looks so good in a messy bun

Lucy Greenwell said...

Hi just found your blog! My hair is short-medium length and the donut ring I have is just too big for my hair haha, definitely need to purchase a smaller one. You're hair looks so pretty like this, love the messy/effortless effect :)

If you have a spare few minutes, take a little look at my blog? If you enjoy it, maybe we could follow each other? Lucy xx

Helen Kathleen said...

thankyou :)

Helen Kathleen said...

they are great I highly recommend getting one! :)

Abbie Tanner said...

I can never make it look messy when I use a doughnut. It really suits you though :) xx

Helen Kathleen said...

thankyou! haha i just never try to hard with it! :)

Anna said...

love your blog im following !!!

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