Body Shops White Musk Libertine Collection

Saturday, 2 March 2013

I’ve recently been loving the products that the body shop have been churning out, I had a period where I just didn’t step foot in their shop as I was a little bored of the normal fruit centered butters, washes and sprays, however recently they have been on top form. The White musk libertine is the most recent collection to hit the shelves, and it has had me all a flutter. The packaging for one is so pretty and girly, with pale pink and white being the main colour themes it does set its self aside from the other rather bold colours with its chic and desirable look.

The key scent is musk, which could be a little iffy, as some girls may associate 'musk' to their nan, however this smell is rather different. The white musk perfume/body spray is an item I will be using on a regular basis; it may even replace my go to perfume, alien. The smell is very florally and fresh, it stays on the skin all day, but does not mask you too much or get up your nose. It is an item you could just use as an all over body spray to freshen up or to perk your self up. The packaging is so divine and girly, and would look amazing along side other perfumes on your dressing table.

The body butter defiantly pips any I’ve used before, if you love a rich body butter but sick of smelling like a fruit or coco bean, then this is the product for you. It smells identical to the perfume, and leaves a very light, understated scent on your skin, which I think is a pro as it is not too over powering and means your whole body smells amazing for longer. It’s such a treat to coat yourself in this after a long hot shower, and really does leave your skin feeling soft and subtle for longer.

Overall this collection has blown my mind, I never really thought the body shop would decide on this type of design and scent, however I am througoutly thrilled they have, and I will be going back to repurchase these items as soon as I run out.

Camilla Monique said...

i think i should try that body butter
thanks for sharing

Katie Larkin said...

I'm just after nominating you for a Liebster award, check out my blog to see more about it


KatXoXo said...

My mom would love this!! I haven't been in The Body shop forever...I used to be obsessed with their body butters but I can't use any scented creams anymore :( It sucks!!

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