La Roche-Posay I Rosaliac UV Legere- Anti Redness moisturiser

Thursday, 28 March 2013

After witnessing so much buzz over La Roche-Posay products amongst the beauty community, I thought i'd finally see what all the fuss was about and get myself a few products. I popped off to my local boots (love how these products can be bought in a drugstore) and bought this moisturiser (and the Effaclar K, will review in another post) in the 3 for 2 offer. I chose this product because I was specifically looking for a moisuriser with SPF, now ideally I would prefer a higher protection, however this has done the trick whilst the weathers been a bit cooler as it has such a thick and moisturising consistency, but ideally id be looking at a SPF 30 for spring. 

The actual cream comes out in a greeny/blue color; I think this is mainly because this moisuriser is 'anti-redness' and so maybe this colour counteracts the redness on skin. Now I don’t have any brutal redness on my face, however my on one of my cheeks I have a pigmentation issue where my cheek stays red,  so this product just calms that cheek a little and makes my foundation look a lot more flawless and even.

I would suggest using this product over the colder months as its quite thick and durable, and you wouldn’t want to use it in the summer as you'd end up with such an oily t zone. This moistusier is okay, and does what it says on the tin, however I’m not sure whether I would re purchase it, as to be honest I think there are many other moisturisers for near enough the same price which may have a higher SPF and do more good for the skin. This product is priced at £9.00 which is reasonable, however a larger sized packaging wouldn’t go a miss.
Sally said...

Doesn't sound like a winning product really. When you find a good moisturiser with spf let me know!


Helen Kathleen said...

its ok, but i've tried better! x

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