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The 'Barely there' Makeup Look

As university students break up for Easter and return to there homes to chill out, over eat and generally enjoy home comforts, I thought it right to talk about the makeup I tend to use for those slouchy days at home as a student myself. When your at home, you don’t really have anything to look amazing for, hence ending up only using about a quarter of your makeup bag. Whilst at university, being the beauty conscious person that I am, I would normally take around 20 minutes applying about 8 different makeup products to my face to make me look presentable for a day of lectures and browsing the shops. However when at home, I tend to cut that number down by a lot and just stick to a few lighter products. I use the holidays as a skin detox time, where I try and only wear a tiny bit of makeup- if any! So today I opted for a very light and subtle makeup look, as I only had one errand to run and so I didn’t need to plaster myself in the stuff, so I thought id share with you what I used.

For a skin base I applied my avene moisture cream with SPF 20, I have yet to review this moisturiser, but as the weathers taken a turn for the worst I wanted to keep my skin hydrated with this super soft, thick and moisturizing cream. The snow can cause more harm to your skin than you think, I’m not 100% sure but I think the sun reflects from the snow to your face much harsher and can harm your skin even more than usual (maybe want to look that one up) so its important to use SPF even in the cold, but yes this moisturiser just acts as a wonderful dewy base and keeps my skin hydrated all day long.

I then applied my natural collection tinted moistursier, this is such a wonderful product, and so cheap! I've been using this since I was about 13 and dabble in it occasionally, however today I wanted a very sheer and dewy cover so this is perfect, it doesn’t exactly conceal every area, but it leaves a lovely glow and tanned sheen on the skin without clogging pores, which is perfect for a lazy day. I then applied my Revlon cream blush in 'pinched' (will link review here) a very subtle and light colour just to keep my cheeks flushed and looking healthy, again I only used a touch, but I just find it lifts my face slightly.

And finally, without any eye shadow, eyeliner or highlight, I just applied a thin layer of rimmels scandal eyes mascara (review here), the great thing about this product is that one sweep is truly enough, and it doesn’t clump or look too thick, also only using a small amount equals to a quick and hassle free eye makeup removal at the end of the day.

So there you have it, my holiday, everyday 'barley there' makeup routine. All these products are drugstore and very affordable, so you don’t need to break the bank for a natural look.


Gabii said...

Luf your blog, new follower here!

Gabriëlle said...

Love this!


Becki Vieira said...

Really pretty :) Nice and quick too which is always a bonus! x

rebeccaruby / UK Lifestyle Blog/ said...

This looks great! I want to start doing this for work instead of wearing a full face of make up to my chilled out office everyday!

B x

I'd love it if you took a look at my blog here!: RebeccaRuby - A lifestyle blog

Christy Sidorova said...

you blog is really good)loves it)

would you like to follow each other?

xoxo Christy

Helen Kathleen said...

:) xx

Helen Kathleen said...

thanks x

Helen Kathleen said...

yeah so simple :D x

Helen Kathleen said...

yeah its so much simpler and less harsh on the skin! x

Helen Kathleen said...

thankyou :) x

Athena Santana said...

Hey love! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! You can find out more about this award at


Paulina Siedlecka said...

you have great skin!


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