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Unbranded (Ebay) Makeup Palettes: The good, the bad and the ugly...

I’m not sure if there are many other girls out there who are like me and get sucked into buying makeup online, and when I say online I mean, more specifically, eBay, but I like to think im not the only one believing the product information. I often find that when I see a palette  with some amazing colours and for such an affordable price I just think 'ah well its only a fiver' and sometimes these products prevail, but more often that not, they are a little disapointing. There is something scary about buying random makeup products from across the globe, I mean this stuff will go on your face, and you have absolutely no clue what’s inside or what it could do to your skin.

I bought these two palettes from eBay a few months back, and have become quite indecisive when it comes to evaluating the outcome, I mean they hardly broke the bank. Ive always had a hankering after my own concealer palette, I just love the fact that there are so many different colours to use, and of course the covering colours (green, purple). This palate came from an online seller on eBay, and cost me around £4.00. I honestly, as expected had no clue as to how good they would be, what the ingredients were, and whether they would harm my skin.

Luckily however, they never broke me out, and I had been using them quite a bit, I only really used the tones that suited my skin colour, and they seemed to sort of do the job, however the pigmentation was sometimes a little off, and the finish left me a little dry. I also couldn’t use this palette around my eye area, as it seemed to give me wrinkles! which was unsurprisingly, not a good look. As for the concealing shades, the green was far too pigmented to be a 'cover-up' and then as soon as I applied foundation over the top, the green tone still shone through, which was very annoying. I still approach this palette now, however I think it was more the gimmick and the idea of owning a conceaor palette that excited me, but the actual product, is far from good.

The second item I bought, again from a far eastern online seller, was a blush palette. Now I have a few good points about this item, for starters the colours, I fell in love them as soon as I came across the item on ebay, every shade is divine and highly wearable. It included some peach and coral shades, pale pinks and bright pinks, every colour you would ever need in one palette. When it came to pigmentation, the score was 10/10, the colours came out beautiful on the skin, and I was starting to think that I had found my Holy Grail makeup palette. Until, a little later on in the day when I noticed that my blush had gone streaky, yes streaky, I had no idea why, all I can think of now is the ingredients, something in the product was making this happen- and this brings me back to un branded makeup, and the scary idea of not having a clue what would have caused it or how to prevent it.

However much I loved, and wanted to use this selection of blushes, I just couldn't risk the streaks happening again, however  it only really became streaky with the darker colours, and so the more softer tones I still use sometimes now.  It bugs me that however pretty and diving the exterior, its the interior, the ingredients that remain a mystery. This experience has taught me a lesson when it comes to buying makeup online, I don’t think this is the end of my ebay antics, but maybe i'll learnt to be less gullible when it comes to un branded makeup.

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Steph Lau said...

It's too bad you've had this experience, I've heard good and bad things about buying from ebay. I feel like ebay is always so risky! I prefer to swatch and test stuff in store. :)

Olivia said...

im also a sucker for online make up! totally agree with not knowing what's in the product! i've just ordered some make up brushes and have a feeling they may be a little ... crap ahah! hope fully i will be pleasantly surprised!x

Burçin Öner. said...

Like your blog :) if you want to visit mine we can follow each other on bloglovin? Let me know I'll follow you back :) Have a great sunday :)

Vanessa said...

Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
Maybe follow each other on bloglovin???
Let me know follow you then back.
Lovely greets Nessa

Helen Kathleen said...

yeah i mean they are ok! but i dunno i just prefer to know whats inside haha!

Helen Kathleen said...

i ordered some 'mac' makeup brushes on ebay haha they work just fine ;) xx

Helen Kathleen said...

thanks :D x

Helen Kathleen said...

yeah :) thanks lovely x

Sanja said...

This was very helpful. Thank you :)
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Helen Kathleen said...

thanks lovely :)

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