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Tuesday, 30 April 2013


So the other night myself and my housemates put down our Uni books, closed our laptops and decided to hit the town for a booze-fuelled night. I went out of my comfort zone and opted for a new, slightly interesting hair-do, looking back, it probably wasn't the brightest idea as my forehead looks the size of Russia, but you live and you learn, and in this case I definitely learnt. Anyway, below I have listed the products I used with their previous blog post so you can get a more in depth review on them. As you can see I went for my signature Smokey eye using my trusty MUA eye palette, with a dewy base courtesy of healthy mix and a subtle nude lip. I find this to be a look I go for most often as its simple and effortless yet sultry with the deep Smokey eye, I usually go for a heavier eye but this night I decided to just do the lower lid and focus more on the highlight and base.

products used( from left to right)

1. bourjois healthy mix- (to be reviewed)
2. Rimmel lipstick in 'nude delight


Monday, 29 April 2013


I realise there are quite a few photos on this blog post, I just couldn't decide which photos to leave out! So i just thought i'd use them all... you may also notice the quality of the pictures isn't too great, this is because my camera decided to die on me mid shoot, which was highly annoying, so I resorted to using my iphone, so do forgive me. 

Anyway, I picked up these top shop trousers today for, wait for it... £5.00!!! Yes that’s right, 5 frickin quid, such a bargain, The shops assistant said they were £20 however after I argued that they had a £5.00 sale price tag on she gave in and let me have them- ha! But yes how gorgeous are they! I saw them on a very long and slightly disheveled sale rack, and after rifling through I found, to my hearts content, a size 8, which rarely happens in sales. 

I just think they are the perfect day/ night trousers for any occasion; monochromes really in ATM and the shape of these trousers are so flattering on the leg and bum. I teamed them with a floaty black top and my new (eBay) strappy sandals, (which I also LOVE) I feel teaming with an open toe/foot shoe really creates the illusion of longer legs, and just looks so feminine and grown up. If you want these trousers you best get down to your local store now before they run out, as they are such a great bargain that I reckon most girls will be cat fighting over right this minute.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

In the spotlight: Primark's polka dot shirt

So today I took a little trip to my local Primark, little did I know this little gem would be awaiting my arrival. Ever so cute and spring appropriate, this shirt was only £10.00 and I literally made a bee-line for it as soon as saw it. I bought it in a size 14, as they are suppose to be cropped I think, however I wanted it a little loser and baggier, it looks so cute buttoned up to the top, or unbuttoned for a more relaxed feel. I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love with anything this quickly, Primark wise, it’s just so lovely and looks like it should be £28 from Top shop, a definite essential for spring/summer I’d say.


Solait instant bronze wash off tan

So the other night, myself and my housemates were off for a night out, however there was one problem- I had run out of my st moritz which I have used since I even knew what fake tan was. So I dashed to the nearest Superdrug( it’s only available here) and picked up this Superdrug own ‘solait’ wash off tan.

 I was a bit sceptical about using it as it said it had a ‘shimmer’ finish, which scared me a little as the last thing I wanted was to look like a glitter ball on the dance floor. However I was very wrong as this tan leaves a lovely glow, rather than a shimmer. Application is easy, it’s a liquid tan so I used an old sock (or tanning mitt) and just applied all over, being extra sure to rub in on my knees, elbows, arms etc. 

After about 5 minutes you are left with a fairly deep brown glow, which is actually very lovely, it also leaves your skin feeling quite moisturised and soft. Probably the tipping point for this being my new fave tan was the next morning when I awoke to no biscuit smell! Amazing, this tan leaves absolutely no horrific smell, instead it leaves a rather neutral moisturiser-type scent. I couldn’t believe it, and was also very happy that it had not transferred to my sheets, a winning tan I’d say, and at £4.99 you can’t really go wrong.
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Monday, 22 April 2013

More! is no more

Today, some devastating news broke out that weekly fashion and beauty magazine more! Has been suspended.  The bauer media announcement made its way on the website this morning, ‘The decision to suspend publication has regrettably been made with effect from this week’s issue, published on Tuesday, 23 April.’
For someone like myself, who has read more! for years, this news came as such a shock, throughout its 25 years, the magazine has touched, involved and given guidance to young woman, as well as brightening up our day. There has been a lot of grievance over the twittersphere, with many aspiring writers and readers sharing their views and memory’s of the magazine. Hollie-Anne Brooks, a writer and previous intern at the more! Office tweeted ‘Gutted to hear ‪@more magazine has come to an end. Thank you for every opportunity from the bottom of my heart.’
Along with the woeful news of the magazine releasing its final issue, the whole of the team, writers, editors, and graphic designers will lose their jobs, which is a tragedy. However, Former senior features writer, Abbie Pethullis tweeted ‘we are in the pub. Some things never change. Thanks xx’ which sheds a little hope and positivity for these talented writers.
‘The magazine has constantly evolved in order to remain relevant to its audience but continuing challenging economic conditions mean that the product is no longer viable’- bauer media. It’s a horrific time for print media and this suspension has just shown me how precious the print industry is, and that in 3 years from now, everything could potentially be put online, which is a distressing thought for aspiring magazine Journalists.
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The Primark sparkly crop top

These high neck crop tops are everywhere recently, I myself own a black and a cream one, however I saw this sparkly one from Primark and it just drew me in, its just so different to the mundane black, and would glam up any outfit for a night out. It cost me £6.00 and is in a size 6. The only downside would be that, being Primark, the quality isn’t great, and the design and size is a bit off as it’s slightly baggy at the bottom and ridiculously tight around the neck (it’s horrendous taking it off at the end of the night). However, aside from these issues, it is a lovely, flattering crop, and for the price, you can’t really go wrong.
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