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Face of the day: Natural eye with a pink lip

So last Thursday myself and my housemates went out for a very long over due nandos, as well as a few cocktails in the evening, so I took the opportunity to let you guys in on what I used on my face. So for foundation I used my new and probably all time favourite foundation, healthy mix… don’t really need to say much about this as its already been hyped about everywhere, however I believe I bought the newly formulated product, so what ever that has in it, is working a treat for my skin!  For highlight I used my beloved topshop glow cream highlight, this is great for that ultra dewy finish. For blusher I used my top shop cream blush in 'head over heels' which is a lovely peachy pink colour, and gives my cheeks a lovely healthy, flushed glow. I used my collection 2000 liquid eyeliner which is cheap and cheerful and does the job very well in deed- it’s also lasted me ages! For brows, I subtly used a light beige shade from my MUA brow palette again a great product for the cheap price tag. Mascara was my Clinique mascara, this was a tester from a complimentary pack, it is a good mascara, but compared to Maybelline’s rocket lash it just doesn’t cut the mustard, and last but most definitely not least, my lip tint from NYC, it leaves such great, bright pink colour all day long. So there you have it, my makeup for the evening! 


ElleDeesBeauty said...

I really this makeup look, It's so cute, and your eyelashes look amazing. I'd really appreciate it if you could take a look at my blog

Des said...

Nice eye lashes! Are they naturally long, or did the mascara lengthen them?

Simple Charm Beauty

Fickle Dreamss said...

Stunning your skin looks amazing x

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