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My top 4 affordable SPF moisturisers

Its no secret within the beauty world that using an SPF throughout summer, and sometimes all year round is paramount to keeping the skin looking and feeling its best. It’s the secret ingredient for keeping your skin out of harms way and looking youthful for longer, no one wants those pesky wrinkles in their 20's. For me, using an SPF is such an important factor within my skincare routine, and one that I've abided by throughout most of my teens.

I tend not to use one over the winter months, I mainly just focus on using an SPF over spring and summer. I've rounded up my top 4 SPF moisturisers for you, for this spring/summer, all of which are under the price of £15.00 so are highly affordable. They are varied in SPF, from 15 to 30 depending on the weather, and skin type. 

I’m going to go through the 4 in order of how good they are, so 1 being the ultimate favourite.

4. Rosaliac UV legere SPF15-  (previous review- here) This moistursier has served me well over these cold winter months, it has a very thick consistency and keeps the skin feeling moistursied all day long. It claims it soothe and calm redness on the skin, however I find this to be a little untrue, as to be honest I cant see any change, however in terms of moisture and a base for makeup, this is a great buy.

 3. Super drug naturally radiant, SPF 15 moisturiser- this cheap and cheerful product is such a great SPF cream, it claims to leave a radiant and brightening glow, and boy does it prevail. My skin looks so dewy and fresh after using this, and it is such a great base for makeup, however it hasn’t made my top 2 because sometimes it can seem a little too oily, Maybe I just picked up the wrong type, but it can leave me with a bit of a shine later in the day.

2. Avene Hydrance SPF 20- this avene moisturiser is divine, with a rich and creamy consistency is slicks over the face and leaves my skin feeling fresh and soft to touch. A little goes a long way with this as its so thick, however the only downside is that the cream is a little white, being an SPF sometimes the 'white face' sun cream look can take effect, so this needs to be rubbed in the skin well to ensure no white patch’s on the skin, other than this, its a great moisturiser for spring/summer.

1. Body shop, vitamin C moisturiser SPF 30- This is a moisturiser I predominantly and prematurely bought for the summer months, however I have tried and tested it, and it already has become my favourite moisturiser of all time, with an SPF of 30, its perfect for protecting the skin and feeling amazing as well. The scent is so fresh and citrusy, the lotion smooth’s into the skin so nicely, and leaves a soft and dewy finish. This is priced at £12.00, which I consider a bit of a bargain for such a great product. Also if you go on voucher codes you can get a 25% off voucher for every purchase :)

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