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Solait instant bronze wash off tan

So the other night, myself and my housemates were off for a night out, however there was one problem- I had run out of my st moritz which I have used since I even knew what fake tan was. So I dashed to the nearest Superdrug( it’s only available here) and picked up this Superdrug own ‘solait’ wash off tan.

 I was a bit sceptical about using it as it said it had a ‘shimmer’ finish, which scared me a little as the last thing I wanted was to look like a glitter ball on the dance floor. However I was very wrong as this tan leaves a lovely glow, rather than a shimmer. Application is easy, it’s a liquid tan so I used an old sock (or tanning mitt) and just applied all over, being extra sure to rub in on my knees, elbows, arms etc. 

After about 5 minutes you are left with a fairly deep brown glow, which is actually very lovely, it also leaves your skin feeling quite moisturised and soft. Probably the tipping point for this being my new fave tan was the next morning when I awoke to no biscuit smell! Amazing, this tan leaves absolutely no horrific smell, instead it leaves a rather neutral moisturiser-type scent. I couldn’t believe it, and was also very happy that it had not transferred to my sheets, a winning tan I’d say, and at £4.99 you can’t really go wrong.

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