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The body shop body mist in pink grapefruit

I have been eyeing up the body shops body mists for quite a while now, going in, having a little browse, spritzing every scent on my wrist until I smelt like a bloody fruit farm. The various scents avaliable are just so refreshing on the skin and leave such a fruity and fresh scent to your body. My absolute favourite, and the one I purchased was the pink grapefruit, to me this flavour is the ultimate spring scent, very sweet, fresh and fruity with such a pungent smell of grapefruit-lovely. It gives me such a great boost on the days when I need a bit of a lift, and it leaves me feeling so refreshed and the mist is such a treat to wear. The only downside to this product is that the scent doesnt last very long, being a body mist its not like a perfume which lasts all day, and carrying it around is a must if you want to prolong that fruity scent. Overall a lovely product, I was lucky enough to get 25% off this with a voucher so it only cost me near the £5.00 mark.

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Hannah said...

I really want to try this now! x

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