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I realise there are quite a few photos on this blog post, I just couldn't decide which photos to leave out! So i just thought i'd use them all... you may also notice the quality of the pictures isn't too great, this is because my camera decided to die on me mid shoot, which was highly annoying, so I resorted to using my iphone, so do forgive me. 

Anyway, I picked up these top shop trousers today for, wait for it... £5.00!!! Yes that’s right, 5 frickin quid, such a bargain, The shops assistant said they were £20 however after I argued that they had a £5.00 sale price tag on she gave in and let me have them- ha! But yes how gorgeous are they! I saw them on a very long and slightly disheveled sale rack, and after rifling through I found, to my hearts content, a size 8, which rarely happens in sales. 

I just think they are the perfect day/ night trousers for any occasion; monochromes really in ATM and the shape of these trousers are so flattering on the leg and bum. I teamed them with a floaty black top and my new (eBay) strappy sandals, (which I also LOVE) I feel teaming with an open toe/foot shoe really creates the illusion of longer legs, and just looks so feminine and grown up. If you want these trousers you best get down to your local store now before they run out, as they are such a great bargain that I reckon most girls will be cat fighting over right this minute.


Tasha Lauren said...

Omg these trousers are ammmazing!!! Need them in my life. Can't believe you got them for £5 what a complete steal, sometimes it pays to be the difficult customer ;) Love your shoes too!! xx

Pretty*Petite*Poppy said...

Wow, those trousers are a bargain!! Your legs look amazing :)

Denise x

Dushala Agarwal said...

You're trousers are just gorgeous! And i love your shoes too :)
Would you want to follow each other :)?

Much Love,

Helen Kathleen said...

thankyou! haha yes so cheap! ;) xx

Helen Kathleen said...

thank you :D xx

Helen Kathleen said...

thanks! xx

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