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Tresemme platinum strength, deep conditioning treatment

I’m going to take the bull by the horns with this review and begin by stating that this product is the most luxurious, effective and all round amazing hair treatment I have ever had the pleasure to put in my hair, and I’ve tried a fair few!

I’ve dabbled with various cream based hair treatments in the past, high end and lower end, I’ve dipped my feet in the oil based hair treatment waters, but nothing has got to grips with my hair quite like this deep treatment from the tresemme platinum strength collection, they really have hit the nail on the head with this one and I'm so glad I made the decision to buy it.

For one its so simple to apply, just add a reasonable amount (depending on hair length/thickness) from the midlength of the hair to the tips after you have shampooed, and leave on for 3-4 minutes, much like a conditioner, very quick and simple. This product claims to 'visibly repair' up to two years of damage, and I can really see that concept working for most women. For me I noticed a huge difference in the look of my hair, it was much shinier, and looked and felt much healthier at the tips.

 It leaves the hair feeling very soft and deeply moisturised for days without that dry and coarse feeling on the ends, and combing through was much easier and less of a chore, as normally its a full on battle with my hair. I would suggest using this twice a week to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy, I have only used it twice and have already noticed a huge difference in my hair, it bounces and feels much softer, and I just know this would be a cult product within a few months. 


terrileanne x said...

Sounds lovely, I'm always worried putting things like this in my hair as I have thyroid and my hair falls out so much. But I may have to give it a try xx

Des said...

I saw that at the drugstore and thought of getting it, but decided not to! I will have to try this out next time!

Simple Charm Beauty

ElleDeesBeauty said...

I love your blog please check out mine xxx

Helen Kathleen said...

ohh no! well maybe give it a try? maybe consult a doctor or have a look at the ingrediants :) xx

Helen Kathleen said...

get it! haha x

Helen Kathleen said...

:) X

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