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I think I may have only bought two products from the soap and glory line in the past; I’ve never really been drawn to the collection, maybe because I felt the prices of the products were a little high for the look of them. However after hearing a few people buzz over certain facial products from both the skincare and the makeup line I thought I would have a little browse at the stand whilst on a boots run. This skincare product caught my eye straight away, the words 'facial peel' and 'pores' seemed to echo loudly through my mind and I found myself grabbing it without a second thought. This product is a facial peel, similar to a face mask, you can either use it as a deep cleansing 15 minute peel or a quick 5-minute fix. 

The idea is that the product refines your pores rather than instantly removing blackheads. Yes it would be great if we could all find that miracle product that with one use would totally vanish any sign of blackheads, however this unfortunately is not an option for someone on a budget, however this product actually has a great concept as it prevents blackheads and spots by reducing the pore size and making them less visible. The texture of the product is very mask like, with a thick consistency, it contains green beads which must be massaged through the skin until they are no longer visible, focusing on the Tzone area, you apply the cream by massaging it into the skin rather than just slapping it on, this gives the feeling that your skin is getting an extra good cleanse and the beads are able to sink deep into the skin. 

I’ve only used this product once, hence the first impressions title, I left it on for 15 minutes then washed off with a warm flannel and my skin felt a lot tighter and smoother, I wouldn’t say I noticed an instant difference with the pore size, however the skin around my nose and forehead area felt more refined and tight, perhaps this is a product which takes a few uses to notice any difference. Overall though I think this is a effective, innovative product, which targets both pores, and the complexion of the skin, almost like an exfoliator and mask in one. The smell is very neutral and masky and the amount of product you receive within the tub is generous. Over all a thumbs up from me, I’m looking forward to my second use of this.


Eimear- Katie said...

Oh I must give this a try! Great post :)


Helen Kathleen said...

do it! :) x

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