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Friday, 28 June 2013


The Natural Collection makeup line and myself go way back, almost 7 years to be precise. I remember making my first ever purchase at the makeup stand in super drug when I was the tender of 13, experimenting with the basics. (I then of course moved on to miss sporty and co... and well, you know the rest.)

I have always loved the natural collection brand for being cheap, approachable at any age, looking natural on the skin, and for having products which never fail to leave me impressed. I have dabbled within the line, from their eye products, to bases. However my heart leans more towards their blushes, which are just so natural, pretty and wearable and for such an affordable price.

The (in my opinion) ultimate blush from the line is ‘pink cloud’ which I’m sure will ring many bells for other natural collection enthusiasts out there. It is a perfect shade of pink that has always looked pretty and natural on my cheeks as if it were a natural flush. And so the other day, I decided to reignite my relationship with the blush and finally repurchase it. I also went for the ‘peach melba’ shade which caught my eye predominantly because there is a blush from MAC identical to this, with the same name and shade, (so I thought i'd pick the cheaper option, you know.)

This blush, as well as pink cloud, is an amazing shade, a slightly subtler hint of peach with a dusting of bronze onto the cheeks, which gives a lovely glow to tanned skin. These blushes aren’t cream based (which are my fave type)  however for a power blush they are simply divine, and for the price of, what I think to be around £2 they are fab. All the shades from the collection are wearable, soft and very similar to higher end brands, and the finish is very suited to all ages.

My only, and very small gripe with the blushes though are the very light pigmentation which mean they don’t stay ‘perfect’ all day, after 8 hours or so the blush tends to fade, not ridiculously but enough to have to re apply, however if we consider the price, the issue isn’t really worth moaning about is it? Overall fantastic blush’s and I am very excited to be using them again after such a long break.


Tuesday, 25 June 2013


I’ve been eyeing up this product from VO5 for many months now, however was always a little put off by the price, for some reason I just couldn’t justify parting with £5.00 for yet another hair oil treatment ( I have so many!) However after reading SO many more positive reviews of this product, I thought why not give it a whirl. I have to say this is probably one of the better oils I’ve used on my hair. It uses that key ingredient; Argan oil which is notorious for keeping hair healthy and shiny. The oil comes with a simple and effective applicator, which is great for controlling how much you use; as with an oil based treatment too much can cause greasiness to your hair. This oil can be applied in both dry and wet hair, however I’ve preferred using it when my hairs wet as a pre treatment to control my hair and add shine. I found that my hair felt much thicker, fuller and healthier after using this oil, I didn’t think it was an amazing difference, but my ends definitely felt smoother and un-coarse. I did find it went slightly greasy at one point, however I put this down to applying too much oil to the root area (not a great move) Overall an effective product, probably won’t replace my beloved Tresemme platinum strength treatment, however still one of my favourite oil products to date.

Thursday, 13 June 2013


I cannot get enough of this stuff, and yes this is a tester sized product, you can usually find me stalking the beauty stands keeping my eyes out for the latest products to try and get a free go of. I find it annoying how a lot of high-end beauty doesn’t do testers; in fact clarin's are the only brand I can think of who actively give out generous sized testers which is why I love them.

This is my latest nab, clarins beauty flash balm. This is a new product from the line and has had a lot of positive hype around it. I think 'beauty balms' are much like face oils and serums in the way that they are something new and innovative claiming to keep skin youthful, oil free and age defying. This product claims to brighten and tighten your complexion; it comes into your routine right at the end after moisturising and acts as a final cream as a primer or general brightening base balm before foundation.

I only use it in the day as i think it’s catered for skin about to under go a full face of makeup. I have noticed that after using this cream my skin feels much smoother and almost instantly tighter, there are brightening elements but I wouldn’t say it’s shimmery or iridescent. Directions say to pat it on the skin as to fully let the skin absorb it, however I sometimes just rub it in rather than pat to save time. Overall this is a great product to keep oiliness at bay and to prepare your skin for that perfected and pore free foundation look. 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


This week I’m down in London on work experience, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to have a little wonder through oxford circus, and of course my first stop there was Zara. I first saw the infamous 'skort' on a few fashion blogs and was a bit dubious about it, the concept seemed a little odd, however quite handy as you wouldn’t need to worry about your skirt flying up. I saw a pair hidden at the back of the store and thought i'd give them a quick try on to see what all the fuss was about, and within 3 seconds of putting them on I fell in love. The fit was perfect, cinching in at the waist and making legs look perfectly long and tanned against the white. The front panel is gorgeous on and really gives that casual office but very fashionable look. The fact that their shorts makes them the type of piece you can wear any day; to work, on a day trip, even on holiday, with no worry’s about any wardrobe malfunctions (flashing ya undies, etc...) I honestly love them and snapped them up with no doubt in my mind, These will definitely be my wardrobe summer staple, as they can be casual (with my stripy top above) or teamed with a nice blouse and heels for a glammed up look, perfect.

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