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I cannot get enough of this stuff, and yes this is a tester sized product, you can usually find me stalking the beauty stands keeping my eyes out for the latest products to try and get a free go of. I find it annoying how a lot of high-end beauty doesn’t do testers; in fact clarin's are the only brand I can think of who actively give out generous sized testers which is why I love them.

This is my latest nab, clarins beauty flash balm. This is a new product from the line and has had a lot of positive hype around it. I think 'beauty balms' are much like face oils and serums in the way that they are something new and innovative claiming to keep skin youthful, oil free and age defying. This product claims to brighten and tighten your complexion; it comes into your routine right at the end after moisturising and acts as a final cream as a primer or general brightening base balm before foundation.

I only use it in the day as i think it’s catered for skin about to under go a full face of makeup. I have noticed that after using this cream my skin feels much smoother and almost instantly tighter, there are brightening elements but I wouldn’t say it’s shimmery or iridescent. Directions say to pat it on the skin as to fully let the skin absorb it, however I sometimes just rub it in rather than pat to save time. Overall this is a great product to keep oiliness at bay and to prepare your skin for that perfected and pore free foundation look. 


Gabriella x said...

Absolutley love this stuff! Been trying to find some for ages but it's difficult to get hold of where I'm from.

Penny Rose Petal said...

I absolutely loveee this! It's so nice and makes my skin soooo soft! :)
Penny Rose

Megan Rose Keam said...

I'm obsessed with Clarins at the moment and this sounds so good as I'm always looking for something to prep my skin with before make up! Will definitely be checking this out :)

Jess said...

Have to agree about the testers, clarins are fantastic for that. i havent tried this yet but it sounds like something i would love.x

Laura Hyatt said...

Ooh sounds really good. I’m in need of a new beauty spree, might have to go to boots and look out for it! Xx

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