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That time has come around again, yep, the moment I finally accept that my long-lived mascara is no longer usable and I just end up pumping air, however, rather than being an ordeal, this for me, is always an exciting moment as it means I get to try something new and hit up boots with high expectations. Mascaras always seem to be updating monthly with new and innovative hybrids coming out by various brands, the one which struck my attention this month is the new volum’ express from Maybelline, called 'mega plush'. At first I was a bit skeptical about the name and concept and what the brand were trying to get across, then I noticed ‘our first gel formula’ on the advertisement.

When I used the wand on my lashes first time round it was a whole new and slightly weird experience, as the mascara wand is actually bendy, yep it bends, seemingly to apply mascara more effectively and make the lashes longer and curled. With the product having a 'gel mousse formula' (I’m not really sure if that’s good or bad) it must mean the finish of the mascara is much finer and looks natural. The bristles are also rather synthetic, which reminds me of wands used back in the day, before these weird and wonderful plastic heads. 

The actual mascara applies well, and it seems to draw lashes out and lengthen them with one use, it is also amazing as it doesn’t clump, which is a massive bonus for me as having that one big, thick clumpy lash always looks horrific. Regarding lower lashes, this mascara doesn’t disappoint, it opens the eyes up by pulling out each individual lash and gives you a great 'flutter' effect. If you scroll up to the first picture, the models eyelashes in the advertisement look very similar to mine after applying this product, you can see its great for a more natural look, as it really takes hold of any clumps and the product doesn’t seem to be thick and flaky. I recommend this product if your looking for a day to day mascara, however I wouldn't suggest it as a night out, high impact mascara.


Jodie Marie said...

Your pictures are great, especially the first one! Lovely idea :) Your lashes look really long.

Jodie xo
à la Jode - a blog about style

atthebeautydesk said...

this is the first review I've read of this mascara and it looks amazing, your lashes look so long and full. I'm due to get a new mascara so will definitely be top of the list :)

Des said...

When I first used this mascara, the bendy wand threw me off guard. Wasn't use to it, and still don't know what its purpose is haha

Simple Charm Beauty

Sanja said...

This looks great :)

Helen Kathleen said...

thankyou, saw the advertisement in glamour magazine so thought i'd include it! xx

Helen Kathleen said...

thank you! its defo worth a purchase! x

Helen Kathleen said...

haha i know, it feels so weird, almost like there is no support when applying it? i dunno its odd haha. yeah im not really sure on the purpose- probably just another gimmick from maybelline xx

Helen Kathleen said...

cheers :)

Terri said...

Hi, great post :)

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Martha Z. said...

Or either this mascara is that great or your eyelashes are that amazing!!!!!!! Beauty!!! x x
Lots of love Martha x x

P.S Thank you so much for your visit and following me :) It means a lot !! x x

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Daena Borrowman said...

I really loved this mascara for everyday wear i think it just looks so much more natural than most others from Maybelline.
Check out my beauty fashion and lifestyle blog :D

Ellie Gordon said...

Your lashes look amazing! So glad to have seen a positive review of this, I loved it when I tried it!

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