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I have never been one to pay a huge amount for a single face mask, I usually dabble within those infamous £1.00 ones you see everywhere with their various different uses, detox, pore cleansing or skin clearing, you name it, I’ve tried it. So I thought I would venture towards a higher end skincare brand and pay a bit more for a more hardworking mask. 

I first came across this mask in my local boots, it caught my eye because it is a thermal mask, and they are my favorite type, the product description gave me the feeling that it would be an effective natural and deep working mask and having tried sanctuary spa products before I knew it would be a good purchase. I was right, the product was easy to apply, very similar to other masks with its muddy consistency and grey charcoal colour, it instantly heats up on the skin and you can feel it working deep into your pores removing those impurities. It says apply a thin layer however you get a lot of product in the pack and so I just slapped the whole lot on focusing more on the T-zone.

After a 5 minute relax in the bath I washed it off with a flannel and warm water and my skin looked so much better, in fact I honestly couldn’t quite believe how glowy, clean and some how ridiculously clearer it looked than 5 minutes earlier. This has definitely shown me that paying a bit more money goes a long way, and being created in a spa environment you really get the feel thatyou've had a professional pamper. 


Hannah Morris said...

I really dislike those £1 face masks, they don't do anything for my skin at all. I've nominated you for a Liebster award, I'd love for you to check it out <3

Beckie Eschle said...

I need a good face mask - will have to try this out!

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