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Well hello there, long time no speak.

I realise I havent posted on here for quite some time, however I have had a much needed blogging break. I’ve just been feeling a little unmotivated on the blogging front, as well as being very busy with work experience, holidaying, celebrating my birthday and working part time in a pub! So yeah a lot of great things have gone on while I have been away, but I’m back now and feeling excited to get back on to the blogging bandwaggon.

Todays post will feature some items that I bought for my holiday to turkey from earlier this month. I suffer from prickly heat, which is basically a very angry skin allergy, which comes out when in a hot climate, Its an itchy red mess that leaves me looking like I have some serious disease (not a great look) and since I have suffered from it on previous holidays I thought this year I would try to do more to prevent it, as to be honest I am sick of the agony and having to shelter in the shade (humph).

When I took it boots for a pre holiday shop I found that there sun care range 'soltan' catered for sensitive skin, and had a lotion which actually said that it prevented prickly heat. My initial thought was straight up 'NO WAYYY' I just couldn’t believe that I had found a product which actually catered exactly to my needs, of course I had my doubts; would it prevent the prickly heat? would it just soothe it? Would it be absolute balls? Non-the less I picked up that tube, (along with aftesun, face lotion, allergy tablets etc.) and I was set. 

I have to admit I felt a little nervous on the first day lying out, I could just mentally sense myself getting the rash, however after day 1, nothing, It was amazing, I had used the cream quite generously however nothing, not even a red blotch had appeared, it got to day 4 and with no rash in sight I realised I had found my Holy Grail sun cream. 

In a nutshell this sun cream is just amazing and IT WORKS! It does smell a little different to your regular sun cream but it doesn’t leave that annoying whiteness on the skin and fully absorbs which is a huge bonus! Since being home I have used this stuff in the British heat wave and haven’t had prickly heat at all, its amazing. Honest can't say enough good things about this cream, it beats all tablets and  creams I have purchased in drugstores and in health clinics, I wanted to write this post as I am really impressed with boots for creating this product and want to share with others who suffer from prickly heat so they can buy it straight away!


StickersandSkirts said...

I've never heard of this brand!! Finding a good sunscreen for sensitive skin that doesn't have white residue is hard... I'm using the elta md sunscreen now and it works pretty well for me.

Jennifer Grey said...

Taking care of the skin is one of the biggest task in women life. Even some times my skin goes more worse and it create a problem to me.My face is also sensitive that I really have to be careful with the products that I use that's why I read the ingredients label of the products that I use.

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