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I purchased this collection 2000 gel eyeliner from my local boots store the other week, I have to say I have never actually used a gel eyeliner before so was quite excited to try this one out, I specifically wanted one which wouldn’t break the bank, so this little beauty at around £3.00 is the perfect product. I now see why many beauty gurus and beauty readers swear by a gel eyeliner, they are just fab, if you have a good angled brush to apply it with (this product came with a little one but I’m using my real techniques brush) it spreads on a dream. As you can see on my hand, the pigmentation is amazing and so black, and once it is on the eye it doesn’t budge all day, amazing.

I found that this gel eyeliner was surprisingly easy to apply and looked really effective on the lid, much more dramatic than a pencil eyeliner, quite 60's even. To apply I literally dipped my brush into the pot, packed on a bit of product and basically carefully lined by lash line with it, however you must be careful not to make it too thick otherwise it looks a bit silly and just too OTT, and it is a bugger to try and rub off. I know I cant compare this to other gel eyeliners however I can say with confidence that this product has made me convert to gel, its quick, simple to apply, and looks so good on the lid. This one was pretty cheap, and I may think about looking into a more high end one in the future, but for now this will do the job, and for the amount of product you get and pigmentation, it really is worth the money.


Belle Bolton said...

I only really use gel liner, I just find it so easy to work with. I will have to check this one out, perfect price and mines running low!

Belle x
Mascara & Maltesers

Selorm Tay said...

♥♥ the pigmentation & darkness of this, may have to try it out!

-xoxo, Selorm.

Lauren Horton said...

I use liquid liner almost every day but have never tried gel! The only thing that puts me off is that it might dry out quicker as it is exposed to the air more? x

Cora said...

Ooh I'll have to check this out, I've been looking for a new gel eyeliner as mine is in a bit of a mess!

Helen said...

yeah im getting use to it! this stuff is great and so affordable x

Helen said...

so good! xx

Helen said...

i used to use liquid but i find gel so much more effective and long lasting! but yeah gek does tend to dry however mine hasnt faded yet! xxx

Helen said...

:) xx

Anonymous said...

just brought this...cant wait to try it out!!

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