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Todays blog will feature a product post which preeetttyy long overdue, since I’ve now completely finished this product i thought i'd finally review it for you before i toss it to the trash. I bought this serum by Elizabeth Arden a few months back from Debenhams, i predominantly purchased it as it was in the 'special offers' section and was down from £38( original price) to £20, so, i mean who can say no to that offer? I was looking for a serum at the time and had previously dabbled with some drugstore brands, however i wanted to now focus on a higher end, more hardworking serum, and so i snapped this up as soon as i spotted it.

The product, is like any other serum, it claims to prevent aging, plump and make skin feel and look youthful, heard all this before? Yeah that’s because every other product claims to do the same thing, its all about looking younger, youthful and having skin that is spot, line and blemish free these days. Its a tall order i won't lie, however this serum is something of a miracle worker, yeah it hasn't totally made me wow everything i look in the mirror, but it has, i feel, made my skin feel more supple and look radiant under make-up.

The texture is like any other serum, smooth, quite fine with a milky consistency and it smoothest into the skin quite well. It is lovely to use both day and night to assure that your skin has a defense against harsh UV light and other chemicals in the air. I would say this product is great for younger skin, say 20's-30's as it is from the visible difference line (which is more towards younger skin) and also because it is more of a radiance booster, which prevents aging, rather than targeting wrinkles already there. 

For the original price of £38 this stuff aint cheap, and to be honest I probably wont repurchase, because of this fact, however its defo worth a purchase if your in the market for a hardworking yet quite gentle serum and have that kind of money, I felt like it gave my skin a new lease of life, and I’m sure I will find something similar for half the price. Watch this space...

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Belle Bolton said...

Ouch that isn't cheap but I don't mind if it works! Would be very handy to find a drugstore version though.

Belle x
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