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Todays post features a product, which I have anticipated buying since I first saw the advert in my marie-claire magazine months ago. I knew I had to try it straightaway, as like various other brands this is something new, exciting and promises to do great things. Garnier's 3 second blur is essentially a primer with extra benefits, it claims to banish wrinkles, open pores and oil leaving a smooth and almost flawless complexion.

My first thought was that the product seemed identical to benefits pore-fessional which is of a very similar consistency, texture and also has the same benefits. In terms of first impressions of this product, I was very impressed, I applied a small blob to my entire face, focusing more on the Tzone area as that is where my problem areas are (oil, pores etc.) and I did notice that it left my skin looking much more matte, and my pores looked smaller, however I wouldn’t say they totally 'vanished'. In terms of my eye area, I noticed that it did in fact make my wrinkles less visible, and seemed to almost make a few of the creases around my eyes totally disappear, which was very surprising. 

I'll give this primer an 8/10, which I think is very fair, it is a great product, which primes, but also amazingly sorts out problem areas on the skin and leaves a very youthful finish under foundation. However my only gripe is that after all the buzz around this product, I didn’t think it did anything magical to my pores, yes, it made them slightly less visible, however I was expecting much more from this. This product probably comes in second place to benefits professional, however at £8.00 its less than half the price of that one, so it varies. 

I think this product is fabulous for woman who love a good primer and use it everyday, however because I don’t usually use a primer, and prefer a dewy, less matte finish I probably will only use this on my nose and eye area, so my cheeks remain dewy, however I am very happy I tried this and will probably use it predominantly on nights out or on hot summer days.


Belle Bolton said...

You can really see the difference in your skin. I want the Benefit one too but I think for £8 I might try this one first!

Belle x
Mascara & Maltesers

Helen said...
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Helen said...

ahh thankyou :) it is a great product, i guess i just had higher expectations haha xxxx

Sanja said...

This sounds interesting. Will definitely have to try it once it hits our drugstores :)

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