Saturday, 24 August 2013

You know, when your pay day is weekly, it gets significantly harder to resist the urge of a good old shopping spree, this happened last week and I ended up buying myself a few new items, two of which were from the LUSH store. Now Lush is a place I rarely visit, and I’m not too sure why as there stuff always comes out amazing, I predominantly wanted to try their lush bath ballistics, as after hearing so much about these wonderfully pretty products, and seeing so many pictures I thought i'd finally treat myself to one and see what the fuss was all about. 

I went for ‘think pink’, which the very friendly sales assistant suggested i buy since this was there most popular and cheapest at £2.50, I actually used this in the bath that evening, and thought it was a lovely treat, however For me, I don’t think i would re purchase, as I’m not one of those people that hoard lush bath products, and would just have this as an occasional treat. This bath bomb was quite the novelty, with a pretty light pink colour complete with cute icing like flowers; it is the perfect bath time treat, or gift idea for a friend. I popped it in my bath, it took a while to completely fizz out, but what was nice was that it let off lots of tiny fabric hearts which made the bath look uber cute, the smell was very sweet and floral with a hint of lavender, and the substance seemed to leave my skin smelling very fragrant, so no need for an extra soap wash. However I didn’t find think it left my skin very soft, it felt quite supple, but I definitely needed a good thick body cream to apply after.

The second item I bought was one of LUSH'S most popular fresh face masks, brazened honey, this is a hard working mask, which targets skin that needs a good overhaul and a deep cleanse. With key ingredients such as almond and honey, and an amazingly organic and natural texture and smell, there was no doubt that this face mask would rejuvenate my skin, and oh how it prevailed. This stuff was amazing, and it has definitely topped any masks i've tried previous, the texture was just so gritty it felt like rubbing literal ground up food/nuts/honey onto my face, the texture made my skin feel so good and It felt like i was getting a great deep cleanse, without that horrid burning sensation.

The smell is quite overpowering but to me, that’s a sign that it’s all organic ingredients, I left this on for 15 minutes, and i found that my skin looked amazing after, my pores looked refined, my skin glowed and it just felt so fresh and clean. I could visibly see a difference in my skin as a before and after, it seemed to just lift my complexion and give my skin a damn good overhaul. I would probably only use this once a week, as this stuff is so hardworking you wouldn’t need it too often, at only £5.95 i will 100% be repurchasing this, or perhaps another one of their masks.

Selorm Tay said...

LUSH products are amazing, I love the smell of the store too! Haven't tried this mask yet but probably will soon xx

Bianca Louise said...

Lush products keep making appearances in my blog feeds... I need to try some out ASAP xx

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