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Venus & Olay Razor £5.89 (super drug introductory offer)

Gillette has teamed up with notorious skincare brand, Olay, to create a new razor for the Venus collection, to bring you an even closer shave, with added moisture. I have been a dedicated buyer of Gillette’s Venus range ever since my early teens,  i find they shave so well,  leave your legs smooth, as well as being gentle on the skin and not leaving you with cuts like other cheapy razors. 

I have bought every kind of Venus razor; Venus spa breeze, Venus embrace and when i saw this one advertised i knew i had to give it a go. The look of the razor is very similar to Venus spa breeze, with gel bars at the top and bottom to ensure a smooth and protected shave, as well as giving you a 2 in 1 product with out needing to buy a separate gel. This razor, like the embrace has 5 blades, and claims to give you an even better shave and ensures smoothe and sexy legs. 

When i first used it in the shower, i found straight away that the moisture bars really did give you a great base for the shave, and my armpits/legs felt so smoothe and soft after. The other great thing about venus razors is the that they don’t cut easily, and allow you to shave everywhere and do it quite speedy without the nicks and cuts. I didn’t find the razor smelt of any type of Olay skincare, i could tell the bars gave off a lot more moisture than normal Venus razors, however the smell was quite neutral and subtle. 

Overall i do like this razor, and i think the idea of bringing two brands together is great, however i don’t think id buy this over the others. I found that when i rubbed my hands along my legs after my shower they just didn’t feel completely smoothe, this may just because i didn’t take long enough over every section of my legs, but I still felt like the shave could have been closer. Compared to the Venus embrace, this product just doesn’t cut the mustard, The Olay moisture bars are great and make your skin feel extra soft with but in terms of razor, the shave just wasn’t as good as other razors I’ve tried, and I don’t think id purchase unless it was in the sale.


Belle Bolton said...

I have such sensitive skin and find some razors leaving me feeling like I have dry shaved. Ouch! So I was intrigued when I saw this, but think I'll leave it as I do love Venus Embrace and the close shave from that!

Belle x
Mascara & Maltesers

Helen said...

yeah, i mean this is ok, but to be honest i prefer many other razors haha xx

Dennis smith said...

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