Wednesday, 21 August 2013

So I have another lip product post for you this evening, and yes I realise I’m going a bit cray cray for a bright pink lip recently, but i couldn’t not buy this amazing fuchsia lipstick from the Kate moss line for rimmel. I bought it a few weeks back now and have been meaning to blog about it for ages, I fell in love with the colour as soon as I swatched it in boots, its the perfect bright pink, almost a mixed dupe of MACs candy yum yum and girl about town. The pigmentation is just amazing, and one sweep on the lips is enough for that hot pink colour.

I have been loving the Kate line for Rimmel; all the colours are perfect and so gorgeous close to that of bigger and more expensive makeup brands. This lipstick is fairly long-lasting, however I do find it rubs off quite easily when im eating or drinking, which means im constantly reapplying and checking my lips/teeth in the mirror. Wearing a colour like this is a bit of a chore, but i just couldn't resist purchasing it because the shade makes me so happy, and even if i don’t end up wearing it everyday i can just enjoy it on special occasions. 

Rosie Roo said...

So, erm, WOW this colour is beautiful! Think i need to invest - LOVE rimmel lipsticks :)

Rosie xo

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