Tuesday, 6 August 2013

 Sanctuary Spa therapists facial oil - £17.50

'Described by our Therapist's as the secret step in a spa facial, this 100% natural superfood for skin works on all skin types.
A powerful mixture of pure oils (sunflower, jojoba & wheatgerm oil, known to be rich in vitamin E), helps replenish the skin's natural oil content & provides noticeable plumper & rejuvenated skin.
Rosehip seed oil helps rebuild & strengthen, while the balancing duo of precious rose & frankincense soothes & calms for skin that looks dewy-soft, radiant & noticeably younger.'- Sanctuary Spa

An interesting Article on facial oils -

Facial oils are quickly becoming one of the ‘must have’ skincare product of 2013, forget serums, face masks, night creams etc., this winter (and probably most of 2014) its all about having that perfect facial oil to quench your skins thirst of an evening. It might seem a little crazy to use oil on your skin, especially for someone like myself, who has oily prone skin, however the hype around using the product has, as per, sucked me in and I have found myself absolutely loving using facial oil, and I almost find it more beneficial than any other product I’ve used.
 I opted for Sanctuary’s therapist oil, which has quickly become one my most used and loved skincare products of the summer; with all its amazing ingredients (including the ultra amazing rose hip oil, standard ingredient for retaining youthful skin) it is just the perfect, natural ointment to use on your skin. 
Now you’re probably all wondering what the benefits are from using an oil? Well a skincare oil is basically (I’ve done my research) an extra step you can add that lifts your complexion, plumps, hydrates and helps retain your skins youthful glow. It can also help fight signs of aging, and because the ingredients within an oil, specifically this one, are all natural, its actually more beneficial and gentle on the skin, and the active ingredients penetrate deep down without aggravating like products with harsher ingredients such as a serum or a more 'hi-tech' treatment.
I have been using sanctuary’s therapist oil for almost 3 months now, and can honestly say that my skin feels hydrated, healthy and just glows (even without makeup). I can’t compare this oil to others as I haven’t really tried any other brands, however for the price of this one (which is a lot cheaper compared to the likes of clarins, kiels etc.) it is the perfect product to add to your skincare regime for a little extra treatment for your skin. And can we just talk about the packaging for a moment? The beautifully golden oil comes packed neatly in a very pretty glass bottle complete with applicator for a careful application, and it just looks beautifully quaint sat on my vanity table.
I apply the oil to the whole of my face of a night and let it work deep into my skin whilst I sleep, you can use this in the morning also, however because i have naturally oily skin, i prefer not to and just leave it as a night treatment.
I don’t think an oil is for everyone, its not like a real NEED product such as a daily moisturiser, and sticking to your 3-step cleanse system is all fine and dandy, however for me this has been such a pleasure to use, its not sticky, it doesn’t leave a dripping messy residue and it sinks into the skin fairly quickly. For me, its just the perfect extra step to ensure my skin is ultra soft and hydrated, and now I’ve input this step i don’t think ill be dropping it anytime soon. 

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