Saturday, 17 August 2013

I thought i would do a two in one post today, an updated foundation routine along with letting you in on the other products i use to get the perfect, (or close to) base for foundation. The last time i did a foundation post was quite a few months a go, and a lot has changed on the product front since then, i have finally updated to a MAC foundation, something that i wanted to try for ageeess, and i absolutely love my mac studio fix fluid makeup, it has an amazing coverage and finish, at first i was a little worried that it might be a little to 'matte' however after a few applications i slowly warmed to it, and now i wear it everyday. 

Because i bought the mac foundation in a lighter shade, i tend to mix in my darker bourjois healthy mix foundation, to even the colour out, the healthy mix is probably my ultimate favourite foundation for a dewy finish, and so along with my MAC makeup, this leaves the perfect combination of a dewy but also slight matte effect, which is great for a long day.

I use my real techniques buffing brush to apply my foundation, this i bought in the core collection a few weeks back, and i use it everyday, i love how easily the makeup goes on with this brush, and how it doesn’t take as long as using the stippling or expert face brush, a winning product. I do think using a brush to apply foundation is a must if you want to create the illusion of that 'second skin' look, as it blends the products so well, I’m not sure if its purpose is for liquid foundation, but it works for me so i'll carry on using it.

Onto the primers/SPF i wear, after i moisturise (currently using Liz Earle moisturizer) i then use my perfect blur primer, (review here) which is a great pre base for just concealing those problem areas (pores, wrinkles, blemishes) it just allows my skin to look much smoother and my pores to be less visible as a pre step.

I then go ahead and apply my Clinique sheer tint city block, i have yet to review this product, i bought it in duty free for i think £3 less than it is here, (i think its around the £20 mark in UK) I’ve wanted this product for ages, as i am a big fan of both Clinique and using an SPF and i love that this can be worn as both a tinted moisturiser or as a pre base. 

I use this under my foundation right after my primer, its basically like a oil based tinted moisturiser with spf 25, which is great as its a high enough to protect my skin, and leaves a lovely dewy glow, sometimes i step out in just this if i'm having a good skin day. On days when i feel i don’t need an SPF (when its very cloudy/raining etc) i wont bother, however i think its a great step to try and inject into your routine, if you have an SPF in your moisturiser that’s great, however i feel like i trust this product a lot more and I like the way it leaves my skin.

So there we have it, the day to day products i use for my base/foundation routine, now you might think that’s a lot of products, but each one has its uses, and i feel like they all bring together a mixture of what a glowing, natural finish base should look like. On days when i'm not up to much I won't use much foundation, and so the outcome is quite seamless and has a sort of 'your skin but better' look.

Harriet Rachel said...

Real techniques buffing brush is my all time brush for mac studio fix! lovely post doll xxx

Belle Bolton said...

I love MAC studio fix, I really didn't think I would and it wasn't until I got the makeup assistant to try it on me I was sold, and now I have gone through two tubes!

Belle x
Mascara & Maltesers

Helen said...

i know they work so great together haha! thankyou :) xxxx

Helen said...

yeah, i fell in love with it when the makeup artist put it on me too! sold haha xxx

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