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Sunday, 22 September 2013


For tonight’s post I thought I would let you in on a few of the products I tend to use in my evening skincare routine, I sometimes switch up cleansers and night creams but these are the main products I like to use of a evening. I would be lying if i told you i had a quick and simple routine using only one or two products, however the truth is, I like to take my time on my skin especially at night and a great skincare routine usually means great looking skin. 

I always make sure I do the 3 essential steps in any routine, cleansing, for which i always use my Liz Earle hot cloth polish which is a amazing hard working cleanser that gets off every bit of makeup, I then go in with my Liz Earle toner to sweep off any excess and then i use my sanctuary spa night concentrate. This cream is such a treat to use and it smells so organic and spa like, the texture is thick and luxurious and it really gives your skin a dewy glow and revives it over the night. Some extra products i like to also inject into this routine is my sanctuary firming youth serum before my moisturiser, i bought this (along with the night concentrate) from boots a while back as they had an amazing 20% off sale and so both products were under a £10ner, this serum is amazing and just an extra step i like to add to keep my skin feeling firm and wrinkle free, it is targeted for youthful skin and so isn’t too abrasive and hard working.

I also like to use my sanctuary facial oil a couple of times a week after my serum, i don’t tend to do this every night as my face is naturally oily and so like to use this as a treat if my skins feeling de-hydrated or if ive been on a night out. The last but probably one of the most important steps is eye cream, and for this i use the kiehls creamy eye treatment, i will link my previous review here, this is just the ultimate, rich and creamy treatment which hydrates and leaves my eye area looking so fresh. So there you have it, my night routine, i realize this might be a little much for some people but for me I love to use various different products and to give my skin that little extra TLC.

Thursday, 12 September 2013


I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to mascara. When a new, inviting and intriguing mascara comes out I literally have a small frenzy and get all excited over the idea of a new mascara being my potential favourite, as that is usually the case with these things.

This mascara is rimmel’s latest eye gadget, and as soon as i got drawn in to the 60’s retro glamour from the advert, I just had to give it a whirl. It’s a new creation from the scandal eyes range, from which i previously tried the original scandal eyes mascara, and of course fell in love so i was very intrigued to see if this new retro glam hybrid would work for me. The great thing about getting a product as soon as they come out is paying the small introductory price, this mascara retails normally for around £7/£8 which is quite a hefty amount, however introductory price for me was £4.57 which is a great knock off and means you can be the first of the bunch to test and review.

Let me start with the packaging, very cute, appropriate and quite simple with a 60's style monochrome design that instantly gives out that retro vibe. The actual mascara wand is pretty unique, with quite a large head that has two round ends so you can reach those hard to get lashes. The mascara wand was surprisingly nice to use, not at all heavy and clumsy, it actually made applying the mascara fairly easy and hassle free, i found maneuvering it was simple and easy and the outer bumps reached each individual lash and created the most wonderful glamorous and show-stopping look.

I am actually surprised to say that i am very impressed with this mascara, as i initially thought it would be a bit of a gimmick, but it actually is a great mascara that adds both volume and lengthens. I did find however it got slightly clumpy as quite a bit of product comes on the brush, however if you work the wand well around each lash you can dodge this issue quite easily. In comparison to my No1 mascara of the moment, the Maybelline falsies this is not far behind, It gives just as much volume and length and this mascara also seems to create a blacker than black effect, which is great for a night out Smokey eye look. The idea that this is a retro mascara seems a little bit of a advertising stunt, as yes, this idea and packaging drew me in however i don’t feel like it really defines itself as a 60;s retro mascara, to me it just gives the same effect as any other drugstore mascara, giving you generic volume and definition.

Overall I found this to be a great purchase, worth the original price and I probably would repurchase if the falsies ever discontinued, this mascara definitely didn’t disappoint and is a great product if your off on a night and want a dramatic and defined look.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


MACs mineralize skin finish in soft and gentle has been popping up a lot on my blog lately, for the simple reason that I just cant put it down. I bought it in early august from the MAC stand and have used it everyday since. 

I love a bit of highlight, and this product, with no doubt, delivers. When applied to the cheekbones and Centre of the face it leaves a gorgeous frosted sheen without being too cakey. The product is highly pigmented, so one sweep on the cheeks really is enough for a lovely glow, however sometimes I tend to go a little OTT with it, what can I say, I’m obsessed.

The product really lifts my complexion in a way no other highlighter I’ve used has, the sheen it leaves is so natural yet glowing that it hardly needs anything else on the skin. I have been using it most days, predominantly on nights out when you want that extra glow. The price of this product is £22 which, I know seems a little crazy, however honestly, for me, its worth the money as I have used this non stop and its defo one of the more loved products in my collection right now.


Saturday, 7 September 2013


Let me begin this post by stating that this stuff, straight up is literally AMAZING. I spotted it in John Lewis whilst on holiday in Liverpool last week and I just couldn't resist buying it.  I have actually tried this eye cream before as a tester sample and I did fall in love then, but sadly never bothered to return to buy the real thing, partly because I expected it to be an ridiculous amount and partly because kiehls is a brand so hard to find! so finally I bought myself a little tub of the stuff. This smaller sized purchase is £20.00, which honestly, I think is quite affordable, and a pretty decent price considering this product is literally a Holy Grail eye treatment. The pot is pretty dainty, however do not fear, you do actually get quite a bit of product packed in, and it will last you months as the tiniest amount goes so far.

This product is fab for me as it’s not something which tackles wrinkles, it prevents them. This cream is probably more for the younger skin, as it is a natural moisturising treatment rather than a hard working wrinkle filling machine. Its an eye cream which keeps your eye area hydrated and moisturised whilst preventing aging, so its prefect for you if your in your 20's or early 30s and want to prevent ageing while you can without using harmful, and abrasive eye products before your time.

This cream is packed with amazing ingredients, including its key, Avocado, which is fab for keeping you feeling healthy on the inside, and now seemingly so on the outside. I apply two small blobs to each eye socket and around the eye area, and just with my ring finger lightly dab it up to the brow bone. It instantly moisturises and lets your eye area breathe which feels amazing. I use this day and night and can already tell that my eye area is less dry and less prone to eye lines and bags. I can’t recommend this enough if you want a gentle and hydrating treatment for your eyes without the harsh ingredients.
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