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Let me begin this post by stating that this stuff, straight up is literally AMAZING. I spotted it in John Lewis whilst on holiday in Liverpool last week and I just couldn't resist buying it.  I have actually tried this eye cream before as a tester sample and I did fall in love then, but sadly never bothered to return to buy the real thing, partly because I expected it to be an ridiculous amount and partly because kiehls is a brand so hard to find! so finally I bought myself a little tub of the stuff. This smaller sized purchase is £20.00, which honestly, I think is quite affordable, and a pretty decent price considering this product is literally a Holy Grail eye treatment. The pot is pretty dainty, however do not fear, you do actually get quite a bit of product packed in, and it will last you months as the tiniest amount goes so far.

This product is fab for me as it’s not something which tackles wrinkles, it prevents them. This cream is probably more for the younger skin, as it is a natural moisturising treatment rather than a hard working wrinkle filling machine. Its an eye cream which keeps your eye area hydrated and moisturised whilst preventing aging, so its prefect for you if your in your 20's or early 30s and want to prevent ageing while you can without using harmful, and abrasive eye products before your time.

This cream is packed with amazing ingredients, including its key, Avocado, which is fab for keeping you feeling healthy on the inside, and now seemingly so on the outside. I apply two small blobs to each eye socket and around the eye area, and just with my ring finger lightly dab it up to the brow bone. It instantly moisturises and lets your eye area breathe which feels amazing. I use this day and night and can already tell that my eye area is less dry and less prone to eye lines and bags. I can’t recommend this enough if you want a gentle and hydrating treatment for your eyes without the harsh ingredients.

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