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I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to mascara. When a new, inviting and intriguing mascara comes out I literally have a small frenzy and get all excited over the idea of a new mascara being my potential favourite, as that is usually the case with these things.

This mascara is rimmel’s latest eye gadget, and as soon as i got drawn in to the 60’s retro glamour from the advert, I just had to give it a whirl. It’s a new creation from the scandal eyes range, from which i previously tried the original scandal eyes mascara, and of course fell in love so i was very intrigued to see if this new retro glam hybrid would work for me. The great thing about getting a product as soon as they come out is paying the small introductory price, this mascara retails normally for around £7/£8 which is quite a hefty amount, however introductory price for me was £4.57 which is a great knock off and means you can be the first of the bunch to test and review.

Let me start with the packaging, very cute, appropriate and quite simple with a 60's style monochrome design that instantly gives out that retro vibe. The actual mascara wand is pretty unique, with quite a large head that has two round ends so you can reach those hard to get lashes. The mascara wand was surprisingly nice to use, not at all heavy and clumsy, it actually made applying the mascara fairly easy and hassle free, i found maneuvering it was simple and easy and the outer bumps reached each individual lash and created the most wonderful glamorous and show-stopping look.

I am actually surprised to say that i am very impressed with this mascara, as i initially thought it would be a bit of a gimmick, but it actually is a great mascara that adds both volume and lengthens. I did find however it got slightly clumpy as quite a bit of product comes on the brush, however if you work the wand well around each lash you can dodge this issue quite easily. In comparison to my No1 mascara of the moment, the Maybelline falsies this is not far behind, It gives just as much volume and length and this mascara also seems to create a blacker than black effect, which is great for a night out Smokey eye look. The idea that this is a retro mascara seems a little bit of a advertising stunt, as yes, this idea and packaging drew me in however i don’t feel like it really defines itself as a 60;s retro mascara, to me it just gives the same effect as any other drugstore mascara, giving you generic volume and definition.

Overall I found this to be a great purchase, worth the original price and I probably would repurchase if the falsies ever discontinued, this mascara definitely didn’t disappoint and is a great product if your off on a night and want a dramatic and defined look.


All the little things - Irish Beauty Blog said...

wow your eyelashes are so long! Looks great! xxx

Selorm Tay said...

I've heard so many good things about this mascara ! Your eyelashes look lush !!

Kisses xo, Selorm.
She Just Talks |

Harriet Rachel said...

love this mascara! your eyelashes are SOOO Long!! xxx

Terri said...

Great look!

TERRIFACE | Fashion & Fitness blog

VickiiLouise said...

This is amazing, I'd definitely check this out for myself :)
You're currently one of my bloglovin followers and I'm sad to say I've had some trouble with it when I changed my blog name. I'd love it if you wanted to refollow me :)

Vicki x

Sarah Plowman said...

Your top lashes are amazing!!
Wish mine were that long!
Sarah x

Le Petite Moustache said...

Fudging heck you've got long eyelashes!! Gosh that's like me, I have way too many mascaras for my own good but I won't stop buying them...I just get all excited when I see a new one, and convince myself I have to buy it...I know I don't but I tend to ignore the rational side of thinking at that point.

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