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Sunday, 6 October 2013


Something very odd has occurred recently, something that most beauty bloggers and makeup fanatics would gasp at in disbelief.

I have given up Foundation, (well, kind of)

Pheeeew, that is a line I never thought I’d be typing out on here. I have been influenced by the likes of the gorge Millie Mackintosh, who apparently swears by tinted moisturiser. Ever since I watched the video where she reveals that she wears it on a daily basis (and the fact her skin looks incredible) I knew I had to get on this hype. The idea that your skin is able to breathe but also look amazingly healthy and dewy really appealed and I set out to find myself the perfect product.

I set my initial sights on Laura Merciers tinted moisturiser, and after lusting after It for months (but being slightly put off my the price) I decided that, yes its pricey (£32) but after hearing a hell of a lot of praise around it I knew that I just had to invest- and OH how I’m glad I did. It has officially been about 13 days since I gave up foundation (I’m not counting nights out btw- who doesn’t love/need a good coverage on a night out?), and I really don’t miss it. 

I find that using a tinted moisturiser, this one in particular works just as great and allows just enough coverage without looking cakey, or ‘done up’, it’s basically like having that second skin look which also gives you an amazing dewy and healthy glow.

This product in particular has a great bonus with its spf 20 and applies SO well, the colour is ever so slightly too dark, however this is easy to curve as I prefer to be tanned, so I just apply my Clarins self tan the night before, and bobs your uncle. In comparison to foundation, I literally can’t tell a difference, my skin looks just as covered and concealed as it would with my borjouis healthy mix but you can feel and notice that your skin isn’t being weighed down with product and your pores are able to breathe.

One thing I discovered, is that I also prefer to ‘down tools’ with this product, I find that applying without a brush and using my fingers tends to allow the product to blend and sink into the skin better. I think its probably because the product is slightly warmed due to applying from the fingers, and so it spreads better and allows you do really get an even and natural finish, also my brush tends to eat the product and for how expensive it is, I cant afford to lose any of it.

I have noticed that my skin has benefitted from transitioning to tinted moisturiser- I hardly ever break out, and if I do its from the morning after the night before, when I actually wore foundation, (see what I’m saying?) My skin is less dry and has more of a glow about it and weirdly I find that the product doesn’t accentuate lines and wrinkles (dear god) as much as a thick foundation and concealer does. I would definitely recommend attempting to give up the ‘war paint’, as my dad calls it, I of course was a little terrified that everyone would be like- ‘WHATS WRONG WITH YOU, ARE YOU ILL?’ but thank god, no one noticed and tbh why would they as there is literally no difference, except in the health and well being of your skin. 

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